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   Chapter 30 Please Don't Go

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 2955

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The door of the office was not entirely closed. With a gentle push from the door, Michelle pushed it open.

In the light coming from her cell phone, she wandered around the president's office, but she did not see Scott.

"CEO?" It was not until she walked in that she found Scott sitting on the sofa. Michelle couldn't see his face because he was lowering his head. She had a vague impression of his sculptural side face.

"Boss, are you all right?" She didn't sit on the sofa, but stood in front of him.

But the next second, Scott held her waist tightly. She tried to push him away but failed at last.

"Please don't go. I beg you."

She could be sure that at this time, Scott was very fragile, and he was like a child. She didn't know what had happened to him. Or he just thought of something all of a sudden.

"Boss, are you sick?" She bent down and prepared to see his face, but she was held more tightly by Scott. His body was trembling slightly, as if he was crying.

She kept this posture for a long time. Only when her feet were tired from standing did Scott give up. As if comforting a child, she patted him on the back and said softly, "I won't go. I'll stay here with you."

The short sentence made Scott feel like a mother. Her voice was so soft, like she was talking to her own child.

As a man, how could he be so afraid? What on earth had he experienced?

She didn't know if it was the first time she had seen him like this, but it still ma

de her heart ache inexplicably. She found that she was getting more and more confused with her boss.

It seemed that there was still a story hidden in his heart, but it was deliberately put in a dark corner, which could not be easily understood.

The next day, as she opened her eyes, she saw the white ceiling and a faint smell of Osmanthus fragrans. She tried to focus her eyes and sit up as if something came to her mind.

What was going on? She remembered she sat on the sofa last night, but why did she go to bed now? At first glance the surroundings were so strange to her!

"Last night I... " She tried to recall what happened last night, but she just couldn't figure out why she was here.

She put on her shoes and went to open the door.

Sitting in a chair, Scott was reading a document. Seeing she woke up, he closed the document and put it aside. "You're awake?" he said softly.

It was not until now that she realized that her bed was... Scott's!

As long as she remembered that the bed was carried by Scott and those women on it, she felt uncomfortable and disgusted.

"Wash your face and go out with me later." She was still sleepy, which amused Scott.

"Okay." After that, she went back to the bedroom, turned on the tap, and fetched two bottles of water, throwing them to her face. After a simple wash, she came out. Scott had just returned from the outside. He put the breakfast on the table. He gave her a look and motioned her to eat.

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