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   Chapter 29 Power Outage

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"Thanks for your hard work." Sitting in his chair, Scott stared at the woman who put the file on his desk and said briefly.

She had no time to tell her mother that she hadn't come back yet. So she had to make a phone call as soon as possible.

"Boss, can I go out and make a call?"

"Yes." Scott agreed without any hesitation. When he saw her leaving in a hurry, he heard a faint voice from the corridor.

"Mom, I have to work overtime today. I don't have time to go back. You don't have to wait for me to go to bed early,"

"Michelle, how do you feel tonight in your office? How about I pick you up home? It's too late now. I'm worried about you if you work overtime alone. " The voice of Olivia came from the other end of the phone.

"Mom, don't worry. I'm an adult now and I'll be fine. Besides, the place where I work is a large company. Some security guards will be on duty. It's all right. "

After a lot of persuasion, Olivia finally hung up the phone. Michelle looked down at the phone, feeling a little uncomfortable.

She thought she would be able to stay with her mother once she went back to work, but she didn't expect that she would be so busy with her work. Sometimes she even didn't have the energy to cook when she came back home.

She suddenly felt that she was an unfilial daughter.

It was the first time that she had been so busy, and she was a little unaccustomed to it. But this was the daily life of the secretary.

A few moments later, someone delivered the takeout and she was starving the whole day. Seeing the delicious food, Michelle couldn't stand it any more. She pressed her lips and watched the slow action of Scott,

which made her a little anxious.

"Start eating."

"Okay." She had been very nervous the whole day. After she relaxed, her appetite increased greatly and she began to devour them in a hurry.

"You can order more if you want." Scott watched her eating and couldn't help laughing.

Michelle couldn't think of anything else but shook her head.

After the meal, they returned to their own positions to continue with their work. However, just as she finished correcting a document, the light above her head suddenly went off!

She obviously paused, and then looked around. "The power is off?"

Then, the opposite door was opened, and there were clear footsteps sound in the corridor. She knew that it was Scott. The power was off so that the elevator in the company couldn't be used. Scott wandered in the corridor for a while before he came back.

Here was the 23rd floor. It would be tired if they had to take the stairs.

They had to wait.

She wasn't afraid of darkness. But the company was too big and too quiet.

She turned on the flashlight function of her cellphone. Because of the dim light, she could not use the bright light to continue dealing with unfinished documents.

She pushed the office door open and wanted to go out to see what was going on. Then, she heard Scott's voice from the president's office. "The fuse is burnt, but don't you know that you should get someone to fix it? I invite you to come here for nothing. Hurry up and get someone to fix it!"

Even though they were separated by a door, Michelle could still hear a trace of fear from his voice. She frowned and wondered why a man would behave like this at this time?

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