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   Chapter 25 I Brought Him Home

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 3546

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As she walked out of the restaurant, Michelle called Scott's assistant, but no one answered. Honestly, it was so late that he was probably asleep now.

Since Michelle didn't know how to drive, she did a quick research on her phone and thanked the waiter before supporting Scott's arm around her shoulder. The next moment she helped the man who could barely stand on his feet as they slowly walked to the nearest hotel.

"I'm sorry miss, we're full. I wish you better luck at the next hotel."

"I'm so sorry. It's late, we're not welcoming any customers at the moment. Please, go to another place."

After running around for a while, Michelle only got the same answer from each hotel she visited. She was already exhausted. Sitting next to Scott on a bench on the roadside, she gasped for air.

"It seems I don't have another choice." Michelle then got up and signaled for a taxi to stop. With the driver's help, she put Scott in the back seat and sat down in the front.

Once they arrived at the Happiness District, Michelle supported Scott again as they took the stairs. It was a tiring walk.

By the time she got home, Michelle managed to carry Scott to her room. However, despite how careful she was not to wake her mother up, she failed.

As Olivia opened the door to her own room, she saw her daughter taking the drunk man to her bed and hurried to help her.

"Michelle, who is this?" After settling Scott, Olivia took Michelle to the living room.

"It's my boss. We went to a dinner party tonight and he got drunk. I wanted to take him to a hotel, but they were all full. I couldn't just throw him on the street, so I brought him home,"

Michelle sat on the sofa and explained tiredly. She knew her mother was worried about her. After all, she w

as still a virgin. It couldn't be easy for Olivia to accept that her daughter had suddenly taken a drunk man home.

"Michelle, I know you're just taking care of him. But you've only been working for a few days. How can you bring your boss back home?" Olivia was still concerned.

"Mom, don't worry. I'll sleep with you tonight, okay? But as for now, I'm hungry. Is there any leftover from dinner?" At first, Michelle held her mother's hands, trying to comfort her. However, from one second to the next, she began to act like a spoiled child.

Olivia offered her a reproachful smile but then turned to the kitchen to prepare something for her daughter to eat.

After Michelle got out of the shower, the noodles were ready. Pulling out a chair, she sat down and savored her meal. While Michelle ate, Olivia refused to go back to sleep. Yet Michelle was worried that her mother wouldn't get enough rest until morning. After Michelle promised she would follow her to the bedroom soon, Olivia finally gave in.

When Michelle finished her meal, she was extremely satisfied. As she pushed the bedroom door open, she found her mother was already asleep.

She walked over carefully, lifted the quilt and lay down beside Olivia. She then leaned sideways and looked at the door, empty-headed.

The presence of a man in the house made her feel both bad for her and her mother.

But she convinced herself that this was an unhappy incident, a one-time situation.

A couple of hours later, Olivia got up. It wasn't even dawn, yet she skipped breakfast and got dressed for work before leaving the house. Michelle was still lying on the bed when she heard her mother's movement. Anyway, she just lazily turned over and went back to sleep, not bothered about it at all.

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