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   Chapter 21 I'll Give You One More Chance

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 3849

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As soon as the black Porsche stopped in front of the bus station, the cool car immediately became the focus of everyone's attention!

Michelle just glanced at the black Porsche from the corner of her eye, and then continued to turn around and wait for the bus to arrive.

The window was rolled down and people could see the handsome face of Scott. A few women standing in front of the bus station even screamed in an exaggerated way, as if they were seeing a movie star.

It never occurred to Michelle that he would parked his car here. He was the head of Jiang Group, so she thought he should be afraid of being reported on the newspaper by the media. By the way, she didn't want to do anything with him.

Michelle continued to pretend that she didn't know him. At this moment, the bus came. When everyone was still attracted by Scott, she quickly got on the bus. But Scott was so angry that he almost jumped out of the car, but he knew that as long as he got out, it would be difficult to escape from this place today.

Well, he could just stay here for some fresh air. 'It's all my fault. she don't need my charity at all.'

Thanks to Scott, there were not many people in the bus.

Watching the receding scenery outside the window, Michelle felt mixed emotions. When she arrived, the dinner was already on the table.

"Michelle, come on, wash your hands and have dinner!" Olivia bowed and set the table with chopsticks.

Michelle put her purse on the sofa and went to the bathroom to wash her hands. Then she came out and sat at the table.

After dinner, Michelle took a hot bath and went back to her room early to look at her computer. As expected, she had sent her resume for so long, but there was no reply. At this time, she was not in the mood to do anything else. She had to turn off the computer, lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling.

At that moment, there was a voice of he

r mother outside the door, but the light in the room had been turned off. Michelle turned over and did not talk to her mother. However, the door of the room was opened carefully. Olivia walked in, put her bag on the bedside table, and then turned away.

After the door was closed, Michelle opened her eyes slowly. She turned her head and looked at the closed door with mixed feelings.

Just then, her phone rang.

She sat up, grabbed her purse from the bedside table and took out her phone. She looked at the name on the screen of her cellphone, but she didn't seem to answer it.

After the man hung up the phone, Michelle was ready to lie down, but the phone rang again. She ignored it and closed her eyes to force herself not to think about it. But the message was getting on her nerves, keeping making noises.

At last, she sat up directly, took her mobile phone and opened the text. It reads, "I'll give you the last chance. If you want to keep working, you'd better not be late tomorrow."

She frowned slightly and put down her phone to continue sleeping. Actually nobody could tell what would happen tomorrow.

Next morning, Michelle got up very early. She made a cup of instant noodles and went out. As usual, she was wearing a black formal dress and a pair of 5-centimeter high heels.

Walking into the gate of the company, she greeted everyone there friendly. Apparently, they all said nothing about her return.

Floor 23.

She looked down at her watch and found that it was eight thirty in the morning. There was still half an hour before the working time, so she pushed the door of the Secretary's office to open.

The assistant arrived later. Obviously, he was shocked when he heard the noise, but he immediately calmed down.

"Michelle, it's so nice of you to be back."

Hearing what the assistant said, Michelle just smiled gently.

Scott didn't show up until ten thirty.

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