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   Chapter 20 No, I Can't

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 3367

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"Scott Jiang, I think you are very childish to do so. But I want to tell you that I am just an ordinary woman. I can't afford such a thing. "

Speaking of this, Michelle's eyes were slightly red. Because she felt that this man in front of her was treating her as a monkey!

It didn't matter that big companies didn't want her. She could understand. But now she was even deprived of the right to be a waiter. What else could she do in this city?

Did he can be so capricious because of wealth?

Scott slowly looked up. When he saw the tears in her eyes, he felt a slight painful in his heart.

He really wanted to comfort her and hold her in his arms, but he could not do that.

"I said, no one wants you except me." On hearing this, Scott stood up and looked down at her.

"Why? Scott, don't think that you can trample on my pride just because you are rich! " She couldn't bear him any longer. She wondered what exactly she had done to provoke this kind of man.

If it was not for his identity, Michelle would really think that Scott was actually a hungry wolf in sheep's clothing!

She couldn't help crying. Thinking of Wyn's betrayal and the insult of her ex-boss, she can't stand

Seeing her crying on the ground, Scott suddenly lost his head. He just stood there, dumbfounded, staring at her crying.

"The Jiang group never let go of any talented person. You were recruited by our company and could only serve us. " Finally, he gave a piece of tissue to her and said in a low voice.

Michelle didn't want to talk to him. She didn't want to speak to him at all.

She took the tissue and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. When she tr

ied to stand up, her long legs went numb after squatting for so long that she almost fell to the ground!

At the same time, Scott threw herself into his arms quickly.

It was so quiet in the meeting room that they felt a little awkward.

Without thinking anything, Michelle just broke free from his arms. While Scott had a cough awkwardly. At this moment, he found her face flushed like a mature persimmon which made people want to bite.

The first time they met came to his mind, but at that time she was so angry that she blushed. But this time, because of holding her up by him.

Feeling his eyes on her, Michelle turned around, opened the door and rushed out. The depressing atmosphere in the room couldn't let anyone continue to stay. But where could she go after leaving the company?

Feeling the warmth of her cheeks, she knew that she would be in a mess, so she didn't dare to raise her head while walking.

After she stood in the garden near her company and calmed down, she walked towards the bus station. It was getting late, so she had to go home on time in case that her mother would worry about her.

The bus station was just opposite to the road. It was rush hour and there were many people in a line in front of the bus station.

She sighed. It never occurred to her that she would take the bus even if she didn't need to work.

Is this the price of lying?

When Scott came out of the garage and passed by the bus station, he happened to see Michelle waiting for the bus. He stopped the car by the side of the road. Seeing that Michelle was so frustrated because she couldn't get on the bus, Scott couldn't help but drive towards her.

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