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   Chapter 20 I Can't Afford

Love Wrapped In Lies By ADELE CARPENTER Characters: 3541

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"Scott Jiang, tell me, why are you being so immature? I'm just an ordinary woman. I can't afford you playing with me."

As Michelle said it, her eyes slightly became red. She couldn't help feeling this man in front of her was treating her like his new toy.

In fact, it didn't matter if the big companies didn't want her. She could understand that. But today, she had been denied a job in a restaurant. What else could she do in this city?

Did money make this man so capricious?

Scott slowly looked up at her face. Once he saw the tears in her eyes, his heart tightened a little.

At this moment, he really wanted to comfort and hold her in his arms, but he could not do that.

"I said that no one would have you except me." As the words fell from his lips, Scott stood up and looked down at her.

"Why? Do you think being rich gives you the right to hurt people's pride?" Michelle asked, outraged. She wondered what she had done to provoke this man so much.

If she didn't know his identity, Michelle would think Scott was a hungry wolf in sheep's clothing.

Suddenly feeling all the weight of Wyn's betrayal and her ex-boss's insults on her shoulders, Michelle lost her strength and burst into tears as she squatted down.

The moment Scott saw her crying on the floor, he was at a loss. Not knowing what to do, he stood there, watching the tears rolling down her cheeks continuously.

"The Jiang Group never lets go of a talented person. Since you were recruited by our company, you can only work with us," at last, Scott came to his senses and said in a low voice while handing her a tissue.

Michelle didn't feel like talking to him anymore.

So she took the tissue and wiped her tears in silence. But when she tried to stand up again, he

r legs felt numb after squatting down for so long, and she lost balance.

Quickly, Scott pulled her into his arms before she could fall.

After that, the office fell into an awkward silence.

As Michelle broke free from his embrace, Scott coughed embarrassedly. At this moment, he saw her cheeks flushing like two cherries anyone would feel tempted to take a bite.

Yet Scott looked at her, slightly surprised as he remembered the first time they met. She was so angry that day she blushed as well. Only now, she was flushed because he held her in his arms.

Feeling his gaze on her, Michelle turned around and opened the door before rushing out. The awkward atmosphere in the room had become unbearable for her to stay any longer. But where could she go now?

On the street, she still felt the warmth on her cheeks. Realizing that she must look like a mess, she didn't dare to raise her head as she walked.

She went straight to the garden near the company and remained there until she was calmer. The next moment, she walked towards the bus stop. It was getting late, and she wanted to get home on time so that her mother wouldn't worry about her.

The bus stop was just across the road. Since it was rush hour, there were already many people waiting in line.

She sighed. It never occurred to her that she would need to take a crowded bus when she didn't even have to go to work.

Was this the price of lying?

By the time Scott came out of the garage, he passed by the bus stop and happened to see Michelle in line to get on a bus. He stopped the car for a second by the side of the road and watched her. Noticing that she couldn't squeeze in the bus and that she seemed rather frustrated about it, Scott couldn't help but drive towards her.

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