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   Chapter 19 Meeting The Wall

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 3326

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Sitting in his chair, Scott was absent-minded all day. The assistant didn't dare to disturb him. He just put the finished documents on the desk and left quietly.

He was in fear the whole day. The assistant sat in the office and was eager to get off work as soon as possible so that he could find a place to hide from the wind.

Without the help of Michelle, his work load suddenly increased a lot.

After dinner, Michelle began to deliver her resume online. Whether it was a national enterprise or a private company, she had never let them go. She just hoped that she could receive the call from the recruitment company the next morning.

After several days in a row, her cell phone was in dormant. Wandering on the street, she dared not go home now. She could only run around outside to apply for a job, and got the same answer.

"I'm sorry, Michelle Wang. Our company only recruit experienced people."

"I'm sorry, Michelle Wang. Your background is too excellent. We are just in a private company."

She didn't know if they did it on purpose. They always had the same reason to refuse her. Is it so easy for a weak woman?

When she passed a shop, she happened to see a manager position looked for and the requirements were not high. The salary was also reasonable, so Michelle thought it would be nice to work in this kind of place.

It was a private restaurant and you could see its business through the window.

"Hello, I am here for a job." She walked to the reception desk and said politely.

After that, Michelle was led to another room by a waiter from the restaurant. She saw a middle-aged man sitting on the sofa reading

a newspaper.

Michelle walked over and took out her profile from her bag. She put it on the table and said, "Boss, I am here to apply for the manager." She smiled sweetly, and the other party was very warm.

The middle-aged man took the material, looked through it and suddenly changed his expression. He put it back on the table and then said with an apologetic expression, "Michelle Wang, I'm sorry. You are too outstanding. We only have a small place and I'm afraid there is no place for you."

"I'm fine, boss. To be honest, I really need this job. Can you give me a chance?" She had no choice. After all, she didn't have much money left to make a living in another country. She couldn't afford her mother's money.

She hoped that man would give her such a chance, but she was rejected in the end.

With a dejected look, Michelle walked out of the restaurant. She looked up at the sky, and once again heard Scott's words, "Except me, no one wants you."

Her hands clenched into fists subconsciously. It seemed that everything was designed by Scott!

She ran to the side of the road and stopped a taxi.

"Master, please, the Jiang Group." She said eagerly as if she had something important to do.

Yes, she was going to question Scott. Why did he do this to her? Was it just because he was rich?

Dashing into the elevator, she was filled with anxiety. She had never expected that she would step into this company.

The door of the elevator opened and Michelle walked hurriedly toward the president's office. When the door was pushed open, Scott was leaning on the chair leisurely.

Now, as long as she saw him, she felt sick.

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