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   Chapter 19 Hit The Wall

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Sitting in his chair, Scott was absent-minded all day long. When the assistant walked into the office, he didn't dare to disturb him. He just put the documents he had worked on on the desk and left quietly.

In fact, the assistant had sat in his office the whole day, anxious to get off work. He couldn't wait to escape the overload of tasks he had on his hands now.

Without Michelle's help, he had to do everything on his own.

In the Happiness District, after dinner, Michelle began to send her resume to other companies online. Whether it was a multinational corporation or a small private enterprise, she didn't leave anyone out. All she hoped now was to get a phone call recruiting her the next morning.

However, after several days in a row, her cell phone was still silent. So she decided to wander the streets and apply for jobs in person. Unfortunately, she hit the wall everywhere she went.

"I'm sorry, Michelle Wang. Our company only recruits experienced people."

"I'm sorry, Michelle Wang. You're overqualified for this job. We're just a private company."

She wondered if they were doing it on purpose. They always alternated between the two excuses for refusing her. Did they think she was that easy to fool?

At a certain point, she passed by a restaurant and happened to see a notice that they were looking for a manager. The requirements weren't too high, and the salary was quite reasonable. Therefore, Michelle decided to give it a try. Perhaps it would be nice to work in this kind of business.

Through the window, she peeked inside and realized it was a small yet busy restaurant.

Making her way to the reception desk, Michelle said politely, "Hello, I'm here to apply for a job."

The next moment, a waiter led her to a private room in the back of the restaurant. As he pushed the door open for her, she saw a middl

e-aged man sitting comfortably on the sofa, reading a newspaper.

Michelle approached him and took out the resume from her bag. Putting it on the table in front of him, she said, "Sir, I'm here to apply for the manager position." She smiled sweetly at the man, who was also very warm towards her.

After taking a look at her resume, the man's expression suddenly changed. As he put it back on the table, he said apologetically, "Michelle Wang, I'm sorry. You're too outstanding, but we're only a small restaurant. I'm afraid this job isn't suitable for you."

"This is not an issue for me, sir. To be honest, I really need this job. Can't you at least give me a chance?" It was not as if she had a choice. She didn't have enough money left, and she couldn't allow her mother to support her.

Although she hoped the man would give her a chance after she begged, he rejected her anyway.

Michelle walked out of the restaurant disheartened as she looked up at the sky. All of a sudden, Scott's words echoed in her mind, "No one else will have you except me."

She clenched her fists unconsciously. Scott must be behind those rejections!

With that in mind, Michelle ran to the side of the road and stopped a taxi.

"Please, take me to the Jiang Group," Michelle told the driver, urgently.

Along the way, she couldn't stop thinking about why he would do such a thing to her. Was it just because he was rich? Anyway, soon she would be able to ask him in person.

Once she arrived, she rushed to the elevator, her heart beating fast in her chest. She never thought she would set foot in this company again.

As soon as the elevator doors opened on the 23rd floor, Michelle hurried over to the CEO's office. When she came inside, she saw Scott leaning casually on his chair.

Now she couldn't help feeling sick every time she laid eyes on him.

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