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   Chapter 18 I Know You Hate Me

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 3338

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Michelle got off the bus and sighed as she looked at the Happiness District's gate. She had no idea how she was going to face her mother once she got back home. After all, she had only landed in this job a few days ago and already had to quit.

As she grabbed her keys to open the door. All of a sudden, a voice she would never be able to forget reached her ears. "Michelle!"

Michelle froze as she didn't know how to deal with her former best friend anymore. Then, slowly, she turned and saw Zoy standing behind her in her designer clothes. At the thought that she was now married to Wyn, Michelle winced.

"What's wrong? Are you sick?" Worried, Zoy put the bags in her hands on the ground and walked over to Michelle.

Ignoring her, Michelle put the key in the lock and twisted it to open the door. Next, she went in. As Zoy was about to follow her, Michelle gave her a hard look and unexpectedly slammed the door in her face.

"Michelle, I know you hate me. But you have to know I wasn't the one who decided about this wedding. It was a family arrangement. Anyway, I brought a few things to your mother. They're good for her health... Goodbye then."

Realizing that Michelle wasn't going to speak to her, Zoy carefully placed the products she brought at the threshold. Before leaving, she looked one last time at the closed door, and her heart sank.

Michelle was leaning against the door as she heard the footsteps in the corridor fade away. She felt like a wounded hedgehog that could only curl up in order to protect itself.

In the house, it was quiet and dull. Michelle still didn't know how to deal with Zoy. Although she had robbed Wyn from he

r, they had been friends for so many years that Michelle felt reluctant to completely let go of the friendship. Perhaps she was too kind.

The news had once described Wyn and Zoy's beautiful love story as something coming out of a fairy tale that everyone should be envious of. In fact, it was the story of a princess and her prince. As for Michelle, she was nobody. Not a Cinderella anyway, just an ordinary girl.

Still, Michelle and Zoy had been good friends since childhood. The only reason Michelle could go to study abroad was that Zoy funded it. While she was away, Zoy would also buy health care products and visit Olivia from time to time.

For Zoy, Olivia was like a mother to her.

By the time Olivia came back home, she was met with the familiar scent of food in the air and several dishes on the table.

"Michelle, aren't you supposed to be at work today?" Olivia went straight to the kitchen door and stood, watching the busy young woman inside.

Without stopping what she was doing, Michelle answered her quickly, "The boss has something to do and gave us a time off."

She believed her mother didn't know how these types of companies worked, so she made up a lie. Fortunately, Olivia bought it and left to wash her hands before sitting at the table.

But during the meal, Olivia went back to the subject and asked, "How long will you be staying at home?"

"I'll go back to work tomorrow." Actually, Michelle planned to find a job the following day. If she stayed at home for a long time, her mother would begin to suspect. She couldn't tell Olivia that she had to quit after working only a few days. This would only make her worry.

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