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   Chapter 17 Resignation

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 3664

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In Jiang Group, the assistant was still in the CEO's office, waiting for Scott's orders.

"Send Michelle's handbag to her after work." Sitting in the chair, Scott commanded in his usual cold voice.

"Yes, sir," the assistant replied before walking out of the office.

Then Scott turned his chair around and looked outside the large window. From his office, he could see the whole C City clearly.

He enjoyed the view.

As the sun set, Michelle and her mother were quite busy in the kitchen when a sudden knock on the door interrupted them.

"Mom, I'll get it." Michelle put aside what she was doing and trotted to the door. Once she opened it, a familiar face came into sight. Confused, she asked, "What are you doing here?"

"You forgot your handbag in the company, so I brought it back to you." The assistant handed her the handbag. Since he had nothing else to do there, he turned around to leave next.

If he had to be honest, he would say this was not a place easy to find. He had almost embarrassed himself and knocked on another person's door before reaching the right address.

Noticing he was about to leave, Michelle called him from behind, "How about staying for dinner?" 'It's the least I can do after he came all the way here to give me my handbag. It must not have been easy for him,' Michelle thought.

The assistant looked back at Michelle and shook his head with a smile. "No, thanks. My family is waiting for me at home."

As he had made up his mind, Michelle didn't insist and waved him goodbye.

When the door was closed, Olivia came out of the kitchen carrying a couple of fresh dishes in her hands. Glancing at the door, she asked Michelle, "Who was it, dear?"

"Oh, just a colleague. I had forgotten my handbag earlier in the company, and he brought it back to me just now," Michelle

answered, walking towards her room to put the handbag away.

"Well, then why didn't you invite your colleague for dinner? After all, he came all the way here only to bring your handbag," Olivia said as she set the table.

"I did invite him, but he had people waiting for him at home and couldn't stay," Michelle explained, walking out of her room.

"Oh, I see." Not knowing what else to say, Olivia dropped the topic.

After mother and daughter finished their dinner, Michelle helped Olivia clear the table and do the dishes. Later, she went back to her room and quickly typed a few words on her computer.

The next day, a printed document was placed with a snap on Scott's desk. He looked at it and asked, "What is it?"

"My resignation." She gave him a simple and straight answer. That morning, Michelle wore a set of casual clothes and a pair of white sneakers on her feet.

"Give me a reason for your leaving," Scott said, his face devoid of emotion.

"It's all detailed in the letter. I don't think I have anything else to explain." As the words fell from her lips, Michelle turned around, ready to leave. The next second, however, she received a clear threat from Scott. "No one else will have you except me."

She stopped in her tracks for a moment, but then opened the door and walked out without a word. She couldn't wait to leave the company as soon as possible. That place had become a nightmare to her.

At the bus stop, there were very few people standing there at that hour. So, the moment Michelle got on the bus, she found an empty seat and sat down. She looked out of the window and took in the view, unsure about how she felt.

One thing was clear, though. Her first job was gone. It was actually a shame because the salary was high, and no one liked to give up a good money opportunity.

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