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   Chapter 16 She Slapped Him

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Michelle was stunned at first, unable to process what was going on. Then her eyes widened in shock as the realization came. Not in a million years had she ever expected that Scott would kiss her.

Putting her hands over his chest, she beat him continuously, but to no avail.

At last, Scott reluctantly released her, caressing his own lips as if he had enjoyed the kiss. At that moment, anger rose within Michelle. Raising her hand, she slapped him across the face.

Scott's head leaned towards the sun, gradually showing five clear fingerprints on his cheek.

Michelle's chest heaved as she took a few steps back unconsciously. "Don't you dare think you can do whatever you want just because you're Jiang Group's CEO! If you're looking for someone to vent your lust, you can go ahead and hook up with any women out there who are willing to!"

With her back against the wall, Michelle suddenly stopped talking and burst into tears.

The thought that she had just been kissed by a man who had had sex with someone else a few minutes earlier made her sick.

Disgusted, she wiped her lips frantically.

Scott's heart sank as he watched the scene.

Still frightened, Michelle kept gasping for air with her eyes full of tears.

At this time, someone pushed the office door open. Before Michelle could even see who it was, she rushed out of there. Covering her mouth, she ran out of the company despite the way everyone looked at her along the way.

The assistant was still standing at the CEO's door, looking at the now empty corridor in shock. It took him a while to come to himself. However, once he noticed the handprint on Scott's face, he seemed to understand what happened.

Meanwhile, Michelle was in such a hurry that she almost bumped into a person who had just got off the car outside the building.


h no strength to apologize, Michelle turned to run the other way when she heard a familiar voice. "Michelle, what happened? Did someone do anything to you?"

The next moment, Wyn grasped her by the shoulder, stopping her from running away.

Before Michelle could say anything, he pushed her into the white Audi.

In the car, Michelle couldn't stop crying. No matter how much Wyn asked, she wouldn't answer any of his questions, making him even more anxious.

Then, she couldn't help but also vent the pain and desperation she felt after Wyn's betrayal. Although she had been wanting to do that for a long time, she didn't expect to cry her eyes out in front of Wyn.

Despite her attempts to remain strong, tears kept rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably.

"Michelle, what happened to you?" From behind the steering wheel, Wyn looked at Michelle on the back seat through the rearview mirror.

Unwilling to answer his question, Michelle cast him a glance before wiping the tears off her face. Then, she opened the door and got out of the car decisively.

Seeing the determination in her eyes, Wyn was heartbroken. As he also got out of the car, he tried to reach out to her again but failed. "Michelle, I just want to talk, please."

Michelle smiled bitterly, stopping in her tracks as she asked in a low voice, "Talk? Wyn, there is nothing to talk about."

As those words fell from her lips, she walked away, and decided to disappear out of his sight and his life.

Once she stopped crying, she realized she didn't have her handbag with her. Now she was left with two choices, go back to the company and get her handbag or walk home.

Of course, she chose the latter option. She couldn't afford to return to the company and face Scott.

For the time being, it would be better if she stayed away from him.

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