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   Chapter 16 She Hit Him

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Updated: 2020-03-13 10:56

Michelle was stunned at that moment. She had no idea what had happened. And she had never expected that he would kiss her. Her pupils dilated in shock.

Michelle put her hands on Scott's chest. She kept beating Scott, but to no avail.

Finally, Scott reluctantly left her lips and even touched his lips in front of her, as if he still wanted more. At that moment, all the insults welled up in her mind. Michelle raised her hand and slapped on his handsome face.

Looking at Scott's slanted handsome face, in the sun, five clear fingerprints gradually emerged on his face.

Michelle's chest heaved up and down, and her body took a few steps back subconsciously. "Don't think that you can do anything you want just because you are the power holder of the Jiang Group! If you want to vent your anger, you can just hook up with those women outside! "

With her back against the wall, Michelle couldn't help but burst into tears. She bit her lips and stopped talking.

As long as she thought of the man who would kiss her after being kissed by others, she felt extremely disgusted!

She wiped her lips frantically with disgust and disgust.

Born in the eyes of Scott, he felt his heart tremble slightly and it hurt a lot.

After getting shocked, Michelle kept gasping for breath with her eyes turning red.

At this time, the door of the office was pushed open. Before she could have a look at the people outside, she rushed out. She covered her mouth and ran out of the company in spite of everyone's gaze.

The assistant was still standing at the door of the president's office and didn't come to himself for a long time. But when he saw the palm print on Scott's face, he seemed to understand something.

Michelle was in such a hurry that she a

lmost bumped into the person who just got off the car.

Michelle had no strength to apologize. When she was about to turn around and run away, she heard a familiar voice. "Michelle, what happened? Tell me, is there anyone bullying you? "

The next second, she felt that her shoulder was tightly held by Wyn.

Before Michelle could answer, he had pushed her into the white Audi.

Michelle was still crying in the car. No matter how many questions he asked, she refused to answer, which made Wyn anxious.

At this moment, she released the pain and despair of Wyn's betrayal. She had wanted to do that for a long time, but she didn't expect to cry in front of Wyn.

She was trying to be strong, but her tears just couldn't stop falling.

"Michelle, what happened to you?" Sitting on the driver's seat, Wyn looked at the person on the back seat through the rearview mirror.

Michelle cast a glance at him, wiped the tears off her face, opened the door and got out of the car. She didn't answer, with determination in her eyes.

When Wyn saw the determination in her eyes, his heart suddenly ached. He pushed the door and tried to grab her, but he only grabbed the cold air. His heart was empty. "Michelle, let's talk, okay?"

Michelle smiled bitterly. She stopped and asked in a low voice, "talk? Wyn, there is nothing to talk about. "

Then she walked away, out of his sight and his life.

After she stopped crying, she suddenly realized that she didn't have a backpack with her. There were only two ways left for her, to go back to the company to get her handbag and walk home.

Of course she would choose the latter one, because she couldn't afford to provoke the former.

Since she couldn't offend Scott, she chose to stay away from him.

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