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   Chapter 15 The Trick

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 4143

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As Michelle didn't know how to love, she stumbled and got hurt all the way.

At eight o'clock in the morning, Michelle showed up on time in front of the bus stop across the street. She got on the bus heading to her company. Although it was crowded in the bus, her heart was very calm.

This was the life of ordinary people. She didn't know when would their life end, but now it was just the beginning.

It was the peak time of the street. When she just walked to the entrance of the company, Michelle stood there with a strong desire to fight.

Floor 23.

When the elevator door was opened, Michelle walked out on her five centimeter high heels. The assistant's office was very close to the elevator. Because it was made of glass, she could see clearly what was happening inside.

Obviously, the assistant hadn't arrived yet.

'Actually, it's good to be the president's secretary. The salary is high, and she has her own independent space.' But the next second, she rejected her idea.

A seductive scream came from the quiet corridor. As an adult, Michelle knew what's going on. But she couldn't help but step towards the voice. She saw the door of the CEO's office was not closed. There was a woman screaming inside.

Suddenly, she felt disgusted, but she still wanted to know the truth.

A pair of black high heels, black lace bra and woman's clothes were scattered on the floor, mixed with men's trousers and shirts.

Michelle immediately straightened up. Her face was red. Before she was found, Michelle dashed into the opposite office without saying anything. Leaning against the door, she was so nervous that she couldn't even take a deep breath.

A trace of mockery flashed through Scott's eyes as he watched that figure leave in a hurry. Then he slowly closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment.

Michelle didn't know how long it took for her to calm down.

At that moment, the door to the CEO's office was opened. A coquettish voice came from behind the door. "Scott, miss me." As the woman's high heels faded away, Michelle

collected the documents on the table and was about to hand them to her boss.

Standing in front of the president's office, Michelle just felt her breath was rushing, "President, the documents you want are ready."

Finally, she knocked on the door and slowly pushed the door open after the man inside gave the order.

Sitting in his chair, Scott looked at her playfully.

Michelle walked over carefully and put the document on the table. Everything went smoothly. When she was about to turn around and leave, she heard a cold voice behind her. She was so scared that she didn't dare to move.

"How was the play?"

Michelle knew that she was going to die a miserable death. She was so unlucky to have such an accident?

She turned around and forced a smile, but it was worse than crying. And she pretended that she didn't know anything. "Scott, I don't know what you are talking about."

As soon as she finished her words, Scott stood up from his chair and walked towards her step by step. At that moment, Michelle felt that her breathing was almost stopped.

She held her breath and comforted herself, "Don't panic. It's all right."

When she raised her head, she saw Scott standing in front of her. The hot breath sprayed on her face. Michelle wanted to escape, but was caught by his powerful hand. She could not move at all.

"I'm sorry, Scott, to see such a vivid scene." Though she tried her best to keep calm, her voice still sounded a little strained.

Scott smiled a sinister smile and said, "Vivid. That's a good word!"

His tall body was a head taller than Michelle. Scott's lips slightly raised to form a sly smile.

The office was still filled with their sweet smell, which made Michelle's stomach flip. She tried to hold her anger so that she wouldn't spit it out in front of Scott. But the more she tried to vomit, the more sick she felt.

When Scott saw her disgusted expression, he was in a bad mood and had a feeling of making fun of her.

Before she could react, he held her face, bent down and kissed her lips.

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