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   Chapter 14 She Admitted That She Lost

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 1952

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Totally losing her patience, Michelle shook off his hand and said coldly, "Scott, I hope you can understand now that you are married. What's more, the feelings you had for each other in the past have long been destroyed by you personally. "

A taxi stopped beside Wyn and Michelle. Michelle stepped forward, opened the door and got in. It was not until the car left that the frightened and stunned Wyn came back to his senses.

He stared at the taxi blankly until it disappeared from his sight.

Happiness District.

It was 8 o'clock at night.

Michelle took the key out of her bag and was about to open the door, when it was pushed open. Her mother, Olivia, had a face in sight.

Michelle, what took you so long? Did anything happen to you on the way home?" Olivia opened the door, holding the cold hand of Michelle and feeling distressed.

"I'm fine. Maybe it's because I've been waiting for the bus for a long time."

"If you can't wait for the bus, y

ou can take a taxi back. People are more important than anything else." Even though Olivia was blaming Michelle, she still came out of the kitchen with the hot dishes in her hands.

"Mother, you don't have to wait for me in the future. My work is not accurate. Maybe one day I will work overtime in the company." Michelle felt her heart ache for her mother.

Although Olivia promised her, she knew her mother well and would never do that.

Michelle was tired after working all day. She directly lay on the bed after taking a hot bath.

The wind blew a corner of the curtain and the world outside the window could be seen. The silence of the night was just like her heart at this moment.

She was still recalling what had just happened. She admitted that she almost lost her temper the moment she saw Wyn. She turned over, tears streaming down her face, made the light blue pillow towel wet.

In the emotional world, the one who fell in love first would lose.

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