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   Chapter 13 See Wyn Again

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Half to seven.

Michelle had been waiting in the office for a long time because she didn't dare to leave without permission. She was afraid that she would be treated as an absenteeism.

It was not until 7 o'clock that some noise came from the corridor on the 23rd floor. She dashed out as if she had grasped a life-saving straw. To her intense surprise, the assistant was packing up things in his office.

Apparently, when he saw Michelle, the assistant was shocked. "Why haven't you left yet? It has already past work time." He looked down at his watch.

Michelle lowered her head, not knowing how to explain.

"Actually you don't have to be nervous. You can go straight away after work. You have freedom to work in the company, except working with the president. " Later, she got to know that the assistant was with Scott the whole afternoon and they had been in the meeting room till now.

Obviously, Scott had already left the company.

"It's getting dark. Let me drive you to go home." The assistant was so enthusiastic that Michelle turned him down without hesitation.

Seeing that she was unwilling, the assistant didn't force her. He smiled awkwardly and then left.

The bus station near the company was quite far. It took at least twenty minutes to get there by walking.

It was getting darker outside when Michelle walked out of the company. When she was about to step out, she heard a sound from her bag. She didn't need to think and she knew who was calling.

"Mother, I'll be home soon. Don't worry about me." She picked up the phone and put it near her ear. After saying this, she hung up.

She knew that her mother was waiting for her. So she walked at a brisk pace towards the bus station. She thought that there would be fewer people at the

bus station, but it was beyond her expectation.

A few minutes later, a bus finally showed up in front of them. But the crowd didn't stop until the door can't be closed. Unfortunately, she failed.

She tilted her head and looked into the distance. The colorful lights made the city's darkness a little desolate.

In the distance, a white Audi car was parking quietly on the side of the road.

When the car door opened, a tall and strong man walked out and walked towards her.

"Michelle," said Wyn, standing still behind her.

Michelle who were concentrating on waiting for the bus suddenly heard the voice that she were so familiar with. She seemed to be startled. Without turning back, Michelle strode forward. All of a sudden, she stood there in disgust.

The next second, Wyn grabbed her wrist and a handsome face came into her sight. It was the first time she looked up at him like this after he got married. Her eyes were completely strange.

"Sorry, sir. We don't know each other."

There was no emotion in her words, but Wyn became emotional. "Michelle, don't be so ruthless to me..."

"Sir, I don't know what you are doing. If you quarreled with your wife, you should find her now instead of bullying an insignificant person here. Let me go. " Michelle interrupted him coldly. She frowned and was obviously impatient.

It took her a lot of time to finally walk out of the betrayal. She originally thought that the two would not have any intersection in the future, but they still met. She didn't know whether he was following her or not. She only knew that she didn't want to see him now, and she would never do that.

Looking at her in anguish, he said, "I know you hate me, and you can't forgive me. But I can't allow you to look at me like this."

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