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   Chapter 11 President's Secretary

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"Michelle, this is your office. It's very close to CEO, so it's more convenient for you to do things."

Under the guidance of Scott's assistant, Michelle arrived at a small office which was opposite to the CEO's office. The assistant left with a smile after giving her orders.

She looked around. She had thought she need prepare something, but it turned out that everything was in front of her with all kinds of equipment!

In particular, the small potted plant, cacti on her desk were something that Scott's assistant did.

She put down her bag, pulled out the office chair and was ready to sit in. She thought that there was nothing to do on the first day of work, but unexpectedly, the door of the Secretary office was pushed open by someone the next second.

It was the assistant who was standing outside the door, but when she saw the documents in his arms, she was scared again!

Before she could say something, the assistant said with a smile, "Finish reading these documents before noon and then hand them over to the president before having lunch."

"That's too much!" She just started to work, but her boss arranged so many things for her, which made her feel that she didn't need a rest at all. Besides, she was only in the probation period, so there were a lot of tasks for her to handle. She might not be able to hold on.

Three months? If she only needed three months to deliver so many documents everyday, she would collapse in three days.

She sighed helplessly, "It seems that I have to work overtime today."

Before leaving, the assistant looked at her with a sympathetic look and didn't say anything.


er the door was closed again, she took over the documents and started to go through them. They were all about acquisition cases, which was not difficult for her.

She looked through the documents quickly and signed them on the wrong place with a red pen.

Her seriousness was noticed by the person on the other side. Scott leaned against the chair lazily, a pen spinning on his fingertips and absent-minded.

The woman who almost hit him that night kept flashing through his mind. He still remembered how embarrassed she was at that time.

"President, there's a half hour meeting you need to attend."

The door of the office was pushed open, and his thoughts were also interrupted.

"Yes." After a simple word, Scott rose from his chair, picked up the documents on the table and walked out.

It was almost noon, but the documents on the table hadn't been finished yet. When Michelle stretched herself, she heard the sound of leather shoes in the corridor.

The floor was made of high-grade marble, so it was much more crisp than ordinary ceramic tiles. And there were only three people in the building.

As the voice was getting closer and closer to her, her heart almost skipped a beat!

She swallowed hard and held the back of the chair subconsciously, as if she was trying to suppress her emotions.

In the end, the voice disappeared in the opposite office. She was relieved. But soon a storm came.

The assistant opened the door and showed his head. He was so cunning.

"Michelle, have you dealt with all the documents?"

"Oh, I Well... " Michelle looked at the piles of documents which she hadn't finished yet.

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