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   Chapter 10 Jiang Group

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Michelle grabbed Emily's wrist and said with a smile, "Don't worry, Emily. It's not a big deal. I'll be fine after getting a band aid at home."

Michelle smiled so relaxed as if the wound on her arm didn't hurt at all.

Although she said so, Emily was still worried. After going back home, Olivia took out the alcohol and simply disinfected it before she put the band aid on her wound.

Emily only stayed in China for two days and then left. When she left, they were so reluctant to leave that they could only wave their hands and say goodbye.

Someone said that separation was the most painful thing.

After sending Emily away, Michelle's life returned to its previous calm. She repeated the same action every day

The next day, the sharp ringtone broke the silence here. Michelle woke up from her dream. She looked blankly at her mobile phone that kept vibrating on the bedside table. She pressed the painful temple and reached out to pick up the phone.


"Is that Michelle?. This is Jiang group. We have received your resume from the Internet. Since you are excellent in all aspects, please come to my company for an interview at 9:30 this morning. "

'Oh my God! Did I hear it right?

The Jiang Group! There are well-known enterprises in the world. A lot of people are waiting in line? She was lucky enough. Otherwise, she wouldn't be the next one to get the interview invitation.

"Michelle, are you there?" Seeing that no one was talking on the phone, the other party couldn't help interrupting her thoughts.

After Michelle collected herself, she replied, "Okay!"

After washing her face simply, she took out the suit she bought during her internship from the wardrobe. It was a little old-fashioned, but it looked good on her.

She rushed out without eating breakfast. She didn't even make up, but for a natural beauty like her, this cared only about the appearance.

In a small meeting room.

"Congratulations, Michelle!

You have been admitted by our company!"

Michelle put on a slight smile on her face and shook hands with the other party.

Then she followed her colleagues to the designated office. She suddenly couldn't breathe when she saw that closed door.

"Boss, the new comer is here."

"Let her in."

The door of the office was pushed open. The woman standing next to Michelle quickly left. It was Michelle's first job, so she was a little nervous.

She used to be part-time workers in small restaurants, but never had she been to manage such a large company.

The people sitting in the office seemed to be a little impatient. He said coldly, "Why are you still standing outside? If you don't want this job, there are many people in the queue behind you."

Not daring slight when Michelle heard this, she entered the ward in a hurry.

The office was very large. There was an extended desk in front of Michelle. Michelle couldn't see the man's look. When she saw the eye-catching words on the table, she was immediately dumbfounded!

"CEO, Scott!"

She remembered that she was just an assistant in the financial department of the city. Why did she come to such a high-level place?

"Princeton University. Financial management. I'm 22 years old." The man sitting on the chair turned around at the same time.

Scott's eyes were cold, making people dare not look straight at him.

He studied Michelle from head to toe. He had thought she would be a beautiful girl after she had studied abroad. But it was not.

Especially the suit she was wearing, which was so seductive.

"You have a good living condition but you have a bad taste." Finally, the sentence came out of Scott's mouth, but then it seemed like something suddenly occurred to him, so he added, "from now on, you are my private secretary. You are on a three-month probation period. If you can't handle it well, I have the right to fire you at any time. "

"Okay." Michelle replied timidly.

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