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   Chapter 9 A Drink

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"Would you like to have a drink with me, miss?"

Wearing a suit, a strange man looked not bad.

Michelle shook her head and smiled apologetically, "Sorry, I can't drink."

Disdain was written all over the man's face. "Do you think there is anyone who can drink here? Women like you are all pure on the surface, but you don't know how dirty it is. "

"Sir, I come with my friend." After saying that, Michelle stood up and was about to leave. But at the next second, her wrist was grabbed by someone.

She wrinkled her brows in pain because of the man's strength.

"You have to drink tonight, no matter what!" The man handed the glass to her and his voice was clear without any disguise.

His words successfully attracted the attention of the people in the bar. This situation happened every day, and they had already been used to it. The people here were all indifferent.

Emily's figure had disappeared early in the middle of the dancing floor. At this moment, Michelle didn't know where she is.

"Clap", there was a crisp sound, and a trace of disgust flashed through her dark eyes.

After the man was hit, he became more energetic, and the strength in his hand was stronger than before. Michelle struggled in pain, but it was in vain.

"Let her go."

A cold voice came from behind the man all of a sudden. It sounded like he was at a cold South Pole, even in summer.

The man did not stop what he was doing. He just turned around and faced the person. Because of drinking a lot, he could not even stand steadily. He began to stagger and couldn't even stand up.

The pub was ablaze with lights. Even though unable to see his face, Michelle felt. He exuded a kingly aura.

Michelle tried several times t

o get away, but she failed. At this moment, the man beside him spoke, "what's wrong with you? I'm teaching my woman a lesson. Do you want to get involved in this?"

Scott glanced at Michelle coldly and said at the man, "Get out!"

He said it lightly, but it still made people feel his prestige. Even Michelle was frightened. Until now, her heart was beating wildly.

"Say it for the last time, get out!" Scott said coldly and did not give the man any chance to speak.

At this time, Emily also came out of the dance floor, and saw a strange man grabbing Michelle. She immediately became furious. When she was near them, she shouted, "how dare you bully my friend! You wanna die!"

The man glanced at angry Emily in the crowd, and then looked at Scott's icy face of soapy. He knew the situation was not good, so he shook away Michelle with strength and ran away.

Michelle did not keep her feet in a moment and fell to the ground in a mess. There was a layer of skin ached on her elbow. It was so painful that she clenched her teeth and took a deep breath.

When Scott saw this, his heart twitched. He wanted to pull her up from the ground, but someone had already stepped ahead.

Emily squatted down in front of Michelle. After looking at her injured elbow, she slowly supported her up and said, "Are you okay? Can you walk?"

Michelle did not speak but just shook her head. When Michelle were led out of the bar by Emily, she did not forget to look at Scott behind them as if saying "Thank you."

After coming out of the bar, Emily stopped a taxi on the spot.

Sitting in the car, Emily looked at the cuts on Michelle and apologized, "It's all my fault. I didn't protect you well. I shouldn't have danced. Damn it! "

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