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   Chapter 7 International Friend

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Happiness District.

It was half past nine in the morning.

Olivia was a cleaner, so she went to work before dawn. When Michelle heard the doorbell, she put things in her hands down to open the door.


The woman outside the door was in a white casual dress, a white canvas and a pink bag in her hand, pretty and fashionable. She had a hot figure and a sweet and lovely look.

"Michelle, do you miss me?"

The woman outside the door opened her arms and gave Michelle a big hug. Michelle leaned her head against Emily's shoulder with a big smile on her face.

She met Emily when she was studying abroad, and was attracted by her beauty and grace.

Emily called her Snow. In Emily's eyes, Michelle was as beautiful as the snow in winter, but her behavior made people feel cold.

Holding Emily's hand, Michelle was ready to lead her into the house, but the person outside had no intention of coming in. When she turned around, she found that there were several big boxes behind Emily.

Emily didn't say anything, but gave a hint with her eyes to the luggage outside the door.

Michelle just smiled helplessly. She went outside to carry those heavy luggages. As she moved, she complained, "what's so heavy inside?"

Emily didn't say anything, but sat on the sofa in the living room and looked around.

From Michelle's point of view, it was no longer surprising that she behaved like this. After all, the foreigners' minds were always so unpredictable.

"Those things are all yours." Finally, after a long silence, Emily explained.

The next second, Michelle opened her eyes widely, "what?" She remembered that she didn't have so many things which contained

several large boxes.

"Let me deal with the school things after you come back. Do you know how tired when I was packing for you. I don't know what you need and there are so many things in your room, so I bring them for you. Oh my God, you don't know how tiring it is! " Emily shouted in the end.

"Well, I know you are tired. It's your first time here. In return, I will take you to have a good time! "

When Emily heard the word "play", she couldn't help standing up and clapping her hands.

Emily was so easy to be satisfied, but it also proved that she was an innocent woman.

For this international friend, when Olivia returned home, she lost her sense of propriety. When Emily was not noticing, she pulled Michelle and said, "Michelle, what does your friend like to eat? Would you like to buy some steaks? Why don't you take her out and have some? "

Seeing her mother's panic, Michelle could not help laughing. She put her arm around Olivia's shoulder and said, "mother, don't worry about this. Although Emily is a foreigner, she loves Chinese food very much. "

"Okay, I'll cook now." As Olivia spoke, she took the waistband behind the kitchen door and tried to put it on in panic.

"Mother, I'm going to take her out for fun. I'm afraid we can't have dinner here." Michelle hugged her mother from behind and said. In fact, she didn't want to go out to have dinner, but she only had one day. After all, Emily just came here, so she had to get familiar with the surrounding environment.

"Well, you can go out now. Come back early." Olivia was a little upset when she heard that they had dinner outside. No matter how sumptuous the meal was, it was tasteless for a person.

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