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   Chapter 3 She Drank

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For the very first time in his life, Scott saw a woman looking so down in the dumps and crying in front of him. Unsure of what he should do, he slowly approached her and reached out his hand, trying to help her get up.

Much to his surprise, Michelle suddenly stood up from the ground and ran away as fast as she could without looking back. Scott's hand remained hanging in the air even long after she was gone before he finally retracted it back. With his gaze fixated on the direction she ran to, he couldn't do anything but walk toward the hotel after a while.

With her body feeling so worn out, Michelle had no idea how she managed to get back home. The last thing she remembered was buying a bottle of wine and drinking it along the way.

Best friend and boyfriend?

This scene usually only happened in TV shows, but she met the same fate. This left her feeling so ridiculous and utterly disgusted with herself. They had been together for three long years, but as it turned out, their relationship was so fragile — broke so easily because of someone who got in the way of their love.

Now that he was married, what else could she mean to him? Was she now just someone he used to know?

There was a time where she used to believe that they would be sharing the rest of their lives with each other. However, the love they shared could only last for so long.

As she reminisced about the days when a pair of warm and thick hands used to run their fingers through her hair, she allowed herself to break down and cry as she got wrapped up in her thoughts. Things were much too different now since she could no longer feel that warm comfort.

She broke down next to the door, with her arms wrapped around her knees. At that moment, sadness and longing were written all over her face.

There was a dim light in the corridor. And given how drunk she was, it made her face look a little pale.

The door she was sitting right next to suddenly opened. Olivia Wang, who had an apron on, put down the garbage bag she was holding outside. When she was about to close the door, she noticed a figure curled up on the floor.

In an instant, her eyes became wide ope

n and she rushed toward Michelle and blurted out, "Michelle, what's wrong? What happened to you?"

She grabbed Michelle's shoulders, only to find that she didn't have the strength to stand anymore and was extremely frail. It seemed that the slightest push would easily make her fall to the ground.

The stench of the alcohol then reached her nose, mixed with a faint fragrance.

Olivia Wang couldn't help but frown as she helped the inebriated woman get inside the house.

Although she now laid on the soft and comfortable little bed, Michelle's posture was still the same as when she sat next to the door. As a bitter smile crept onto her face, she said, "They told me that whenever I'm feeling down, everything's going to be all right for as long as I drink my problems away. But why? Why does it still hurt so much? Wyn, you big fat liar!"

She was laughing at her own misery, but Olivia Wang, who just walked in carrying a basin, simply listened in silence. As she gave Michelle a pitiful look, she helplessly shook her head and sighed, "My silly girl, why are you doing this to yourself?"

After putting down the washbasin on the chair right next to the bed, Olivia began to patiently wipe Michelle's tear-stained face, as well as her neck and arms with a wet towel.

When she was about to leave, she touched the disheveled hair on Michelle's forehead, with so much affection in her eyes.

After having her face wiped with the warm towel, Michelle started feeling much better and was able to get a good night's sleep. By the time she woke up the following day, it was already almost noon.

As she lifted the quilt and was about to get up, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her head. When Olivia heard the sound coming from the bedroom, she hurriedly swung the door open to check up on her. In a very concerned tone, she asked right away, "Michelle, are you all right?"

It wasn't until Michelle looked around her surroundings that she finally realized she was in her room. But still, she couldn't remember how she got home last night.

"Mom, how did I get back?"

She tightly grabbed onto Olivia's hand while wearing a surprised look on her face.

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