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   Chapter 2 Ran Into His Car

Love Wrapped In Lies By ADELE CARPENTER Characters: 4156

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As he looked at her receding figure, Wyn Mu squinted his eyes while wearing a sullen expression on his face. Standing completely still, he kept staring at her until she was finally out of his sight.

"Why? Why are you doing this to me?"

The second Michelle walked out the gate of the hotel, the tears started rolling down her cheeks on that cold stone road.

The street outside the hotel was surrounded by colorful lights. Feeling so down in the dumps, she staggered and accidentally fell down at a stone step, when a black Porsche was rushing toward her.

The moment she fell, the car came to an abrupt stop.

Then, the good-looking Scott Jiang quickly stepped out of the car. He looked at Michelle, but not before he made sure that his car was all right.

With her head face down, her long ponytail was hanging causally over her chest, so Scott Jiang couldn't really take a good look at her face. However, the way he saw it, this woman deliberately walked in front of his car to blackmail him!

"Well, that's so careless of you. Shouldn't you have waited for a slower car to blackmail? If I hadn't stepped on the brakes in time, you would have died!"

Scott Jiang gave her a rather reasonable dressing down, thinking that she was only a cunning and greedy opportunist.

But Michelle didn't say a single word from the beginning to the end. The passers-by gazed at them one at a time, leaving Scott Jiang feeling so embarrassed.

Because of this, he took a huge wad of cash out of his wallet and threw it on her. Before he walked away, he told her, "This money should be enough for you to get by for a month."

If it hadn't been for the wedding, he wouldn't have been driving so fast. As a result, he almost ran over a random woman. But she was lucky enough to avoid being hit.

What he failed to notice was how the woman's shoulders were trembling behind him, and that the money had quickly been soaked in tears.

"I don't want your stinking money at all!"

Just as Scott Jiang was about to walk into the hotel, someone grabbed his wrist and stoppe

d him in his tracks. When he turned to look at the woman who was holding his wrist, such a mesmerizing face came to his view. Then, a second later, the money came flying straight to his handsome face.

With his eyebrows deeply knit, Scott shot Michelle a cold glare.

Despite being only about 160 centimeters tall, the woman standing in front of him had quite a shapely figure. Sporting a simple white coat paired with jeans, she didn't even have any makeup on. Her long hair was as thick as seaweed, which made her seem like an innocent and charming girl. Her eyes were bloodshot and swollen, showing signs that she had been crying earlier.

Her eyes seemed to be in so much pain. So much so that even if she raised her head, she still couldn't see the man's face clearly. "Sir, do you think that you're all that just because you have money? You may be able to get material things when you spend money, but you can never use it to ask for forgiveness."

Given the fact that Michelle wasn't in the mood to be arguing with this man any more, she quickly turned around to leave without saying anything else. However, her wrist was grabbed by him just moments later.

Then, Scott leaned in closer to her and said in a gentle voice, "Oh? Tell me then, what should I do to get your forgiveness?"

Hearing this, Michelle gave him a hard slap on his face, her eyes welling up with tears. "That's how I'll forgive you."

Taken completely by surprise because of the sudden slap, Scott felt so irritated. Nobody had ever laid a hand on him before in his life, let alone slapped his face.

What Scott's social standing was? He was the head of the Jiang Group in C City, and could do whatever he pleased, but now, he had just been slapped by this woman...

"You..." Unfortunately for him, before he could even finish what he was trying to say, he saw that Michelle had already squatted down and wrapped her arms around her knees. Feeling so powerless, her tears fell down in silence. The cold evening breeze blew against her long hair, making her seem even more miserable.

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