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   Chapter 1 A Wedding Party: Betrayal

Love Wrapped In Lies By ADELE CARPENTER Characters: 4811

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Wyn Mu and Zoy Zhou's wedding celebration was quite a sensation in C City.

As two of the richest families in the country, their union could be considered as such a strong alliance. The feast began at noon time and lasted up until late in the evening.

There were blinding lights inside the luxurious hotel. Big names from various industries gathered in the hall, which could easily hold thousands of guests.

A number of journalists crowded the platform, jostling against each other in order to stand close to the platform so as to get a hold of the news ahead of everybody else.

A couple of the days ago, news about the marriage between the Mu and Zhou families, including their love affair, was exposed to the public without warning.

However, almost as soon as it was revealed to the public, their previous romantic love affair had attracted the general public's attention — the love between the prince and the princess, both romantic and aesthetic.

The moment word about it got out, it immediately caused a stir in the media of the entire city. And today, people from the media who were fortunate enough to receive invitation letters had their sights set on the guests in the hall to take photos and cover the event. These were the big shots who rarely attended such gatherings, which was something even more sensational than the news about celebrities!

The red carpet extended from the entrance all the way to the stage in front of the hotel. At the moment, the hall was brimming with people.

Mr. and Mrs. Mu were seated at the table in front of the hall wearing great big smiles on their faces. Both of them were dressed in red.

"Please stop right there, sir!" As soon as she paid the bill, Michelle Wang swung the door open and headed out in a hurry.

When she pushed the door of the hotel open, she appeared to be rather flustered. It seemed that the splendid decoration of the hotel was making her feel somewhat ill at ease.

"Let's all give the bride and groom a warm welcome!" the host of the wedding ceremony announced.

At this moment, Michelle Wang was instantly drowned in the applause. It was so overwhelming that her heart was pounding hard in her chest. It was so loud that she could still hear her heart beating despite being inside this crowded place.

She followed the direction where the host's voice was coming from, only to see two people standing on

the stage, hand in hand. Their vibrant smiles felt like such an eyesore to her!

Her heart sank in a blink of an eye. The hand she was holding the bag started to tremble slightly. And intense rage was brewing deep inside her heart. With that, she pushed the people who were blocking her way and rushed toward the stage.

While everyone was immersed in the boisterous atmosphere, a crisp sound of a "slap" startled everyone present!

With a downcast look on her face, she blurted out, "Wyn, you should be feeling sorry for what you did."

"Michelle?" As he looked at the woman standing in front of him, he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. He never expected to see her here at all. Shouldn't she still be abroad?

With her fists clenched, she grew more and more furious. Her head was burning and her eyes were about to well up with tears out of anger.

"Michelle, what do you think you're doing? Calm yourself down!" Upon recognizing the person who had lost control of her emotions, Wyn Mu walked over and tried to take her away. However, Michelle Wang reached out her hand and scratched him. Then, blood immediately appeared on Wyn Mu's handsome white face.

Caught completely off guard, Wyn Mu's body turned rigid out of shock. The man helplessly looked at the furious Michelle Wang. He knew full well that he was the one to blame for the change in her.

There was utter chaos in the hall, and the guests were starting to gossip around.

"Michelle, I have no idea what's going on between you and Wyn, but I hope you realize that today is my wedding." It was Zoy Zhou speaking. As she stood in front of the two, she glared at the woman who had appeared out of the blue and caused a scene at her wedding.

Upon seeing her son get injured, Mrs. Mu raised her head to look at the security guards standing in the corner. "Why are you still standing there? Get that woman out of here!" she thundered.

After receiving the order, the security guards rushed up to the stage and seized Michelle Wang right away. "Miss, you have caused quite a scene. You need to get out of here at once!"

"I wish you happiness!" There was a resolute look on her face as she yelled. Not wanting to show her weakness to everyone, she tried her best to hold back the tears. After that, she somehow managed to shake the guards off. Then, she clenched her purse and quickly strode out of the hotel.

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