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   Chapter 488 He Would Gave His Love To Her (Part Two)

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"Did you prepare it this morning?" She ignored his words and asked. "Yes, there is!" he nodded with a smile

She put on her clothes in a hurry.


It was still a little late after they went to the hospital because of Elsa's delay, so they waited for more than 10 minutes. When they entered Charlie's office, Elsa was unhappy. He quickly walked up to her with an apologetic smile and stood up to make room for her. "My little princess, it's only ten minutes. Are you angry?"

Elsa said unhappily, "There are so many doctors. Why do they have to look for you?"

"Stop it!" Bob took her hand and said.

Elsa glared at him. Charlie said awkwardly, "It doesn't matter. I'm used to it! Besides, she has been married, but she still hasn't recovered from her princess illness. "

Elsa glared at him and stood up all of a sudden. "Charlie!" With a troubled look on his face, Charlie asked, "Miss, why do you have to do that?" Holding Elsa's shoulder, Bob said in a low voice, "Stop it. Have a check! "

With a bitter face, Charlie said impatiently, "Sit down. It's not a big deal. Let bygones be bygones. Now that you're married, you still don't know how to restrain yourself."

With a frown, Bob looked at Charlie and said, "There's someone waiting in line behind us!"

Charlie pulled up Elsa's arm and murmured angrily, "I didn't say anything, but you feel sorry for her!"

"Cut the crap!" Bob frowned and interrupted Charlie. This man was so eloquent!

With a serious look on his face, Charlie rolled up Elsa's sleeve and said, "After the first fracture, the bones haven't been completely connected. As time goes by, they almost have a fixed shape. If there is a sequel, it will hurt when the weather changes."

"Is there any way to cure it?" Sorrow was written all over Bob's face.

Charlie sighed, "It's too late. If I had found it earlier, I could have operated for her!"

"Why not now? People born with bone dislocation can also be operated on to correct their bones. " Bob looked at Charlie nervously, fearing that he would say something that disappointed him.

Charlie sighed, "Yes, they can be corrected, but after the operation, their bones are very soft, which means that they can't do strenuous exercise or heavy work."

"Do you mean Elsa or other patients?" The look on his face became more and more nervous.

"All right!" Charlie said affirmatively.

"Really?" Seeing the hope, Bob exclaimed excitedly. Charlie looked at him seriously and said, "But... After the operation, the arm will be weak. "

"She doesn't need to do heavy work."

d out of the office, not caring whether Bob had heard his words or not. There were only two people left in the office, who were glaring at each other.

"Then you have to tell me why you don't want to have an operation?" Bob's face softened a little. Her eyes were suddenly filled with mist. "I just don't want to do it. Yes, maybe you think you can control my life and death, so if you are unhappy and I make you angry, my arm will suffer. Now that you are happy, you come to cure me hypocritically."

His heart ached again. His hands trembled. He stroked her face and said bitterly, "Silly girl, what are you talking about? I'll cure your arm. But when you endure the pain, I'm more painful than you. I'll feel sorry for you, so I won't let go of any hope. "

"You are not Only when you are in a good mood these days will you cure me. " Elsa took a step back and dodged his hand. Looking at her face painfully, his face turned pale. "You... In fact, you are not reconciled, are you? You still hate me. Do you think you will suffer losses if you marry me? "

Elsa didn't answer, but began to sob. He walked up to Elsa and held her in his arms, heartbroken. "Elsa, don't think too much. I feel sorry for you. I love you, so I let you do the surgery. I told you, if you really hate me, you can kill me and I will give you a chance to revenge."

"Don't always say that. Some injuries can't be erased. From now on, you don't have to worry about my business. " Elsa continued to step back. Bob stepped forward and hugged her tighter. "Yes, some injuries have been caused, and time can't be reversed. But I can make up for you and give you my love, okay? Elsa, don't do this! We have to go through our lives together! "

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