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   Chapter 485 She Had Been Hating Him (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-09-23 17:45

As soon as she stood on the ground, Elsa frowned. The pain in her stomach almost made her fall to the ground. Fortunately, Bob was quick eyed and agile enough to get her into his arms. Then he said helplessly, "Look at you. You still want to eat?"

She raised her eyes and stared at him, complaining, "Who let you roast so much fish?"

"It's you who want to eat..." Bob looked at her, speechless. No matter when, she was always so righteous.

Frowning, Elsa didn't say anything more. Feeling helpless, he had to pick her up again and said meaningfully, "Don't disturb me when you feel uncomfortable at night!"

Elsa rubbed in his arms and found a comfortable position. His warm chest wrapped her body. Maybe it was really because she was too tired. Without saying anything to Bob, Elsa closed her eyes soon. She didn't know when she came back home. Just at dawn, her stomach began to feel uncomfortable, because she ate too much.

To her surprise, Bob didn't get up and leave. Instead, he took good care of her. Moreover, she found that during this period of time, he had changed a lot. When did he become so good tempered?

After tossing around for about three hours, Elsa finally fell asleep. Before she went to bed, she swore that she would never be greedy and eat so much.

As the two of them got along with each other as calmly as flowing water, life went on very fast. Elsa found that Bob had become busy again during this period of time, but he had never been out at night. Every time, when he appeared at night after leaving for a whole day, Elsa always sat lazily on the sofa and couldn't help but sneer, "Humph... Who kicked you off the bed this time? "

At this time, Bob was walking towards the sofa. He frowned and said with a dark face, "Are you done?"

Elsa said that on purpose when she saw him, so when his face changed and his eyes were wide open, she didn't feel surprised or scared. Instead, she said sarcastically, "What's wrong? Do you have a guilty conscience? Why don't you admit it? "

Bob frowned more tightly and stared at her little face without saying anything. Elsa was silent and stared at h

et him do whatever he wanted.

Looking at Elsa's tearful face, he felt as if his heart had been torn apart. He lowered his head, kissed the tears at the corner of her eyes, and said firmly, "Elsa, I don't care. Anyway, you must get up early tomorrow morning. Go to the hospital with me. We go to have an examination. I don't care. Even if there is a little hope, I won't give up."

"I said I don't want to go!" Elsa cried and shook her head.

"Don't cry. We just want to have a check-up. Nothing serious." Bob tried his best to persuade her.

"But it's really useless. My brother has already every means. Don't push me anymore. I don't want to go to the hospital. "

"Honey, it's just a check-up. Trust me, okay? I won't let you down. "

She suddenly burst into tears and sneered, "Why don't you go to find my brother?"

Hearing that, Bob was stunned for a moment, and then his black eyes were complicated, as if he was thinking about something. A few seconds later, he lowered his head and looked at her seriously. "Okay, then go to find your brother!" Elsa pushed him away, glared at him and sighed, "Don't do this, okay?"

She stared at him with hatred in her eyes. After thinking for a few seconds, he handed her his arm and said, "Then cut off my arm!" She didn't answer, and her tears fell more fiercely. "Bastard, you can never imagine what I have suffered. Even if I kill you, you can't pay me back."

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