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   Chapter 484 A Glutton (Part Two)

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 9059

Updated: 2020-09-23 00:13

"It's true. If Elder Jiang can, I can do it too."

"Then have you caught a fish?" Bob frowned and said.

Embarrassed and speechless, Elsa had to shut her mouth and lowered her eyes. Looking at her lovely appearance, he couldn't help pinching her nose and said helplessly, "Let's enjoy ourselves. Do you think it's possible?"

She shook off his hand angrily and said, "It must be your tool." *

"You're being unreasonable!"

After that, they went to pick up the firewood. Elsa ran around like a rabbit and followed him closely. The wind in the forest blew, and the leaves made a noise. Elsa was frightened and hid behind him in a hurry, grabbing his clothes tightly with her small hands.

Bob turned around. In the dark night, he stared at her face with his playful black eyes and said, "Do you regret it?"

She looked stubborn and panic could be seen in her eyes, but she still shook her head

r stomach, Elsa looked at him with an unsatisfied look. Bob frowned and said seriously, "You have eaten so much!"

"More..." She reached out her little black hand and grabbed his arm, acting like a spoiled child.

He frowned, "It's time to go back!"

After Bob saying that, Elsa still squatted in her original position, unwilling to get up. He looked at her with a dark face and said, "Do you really want to stay here for the night?"

She looked at him unwillingly. What did he mean by staying overnight? All she thought about was roast fish.

Bob bent over and pulled her up from the ground. "Be obedient and come again next time. Be careful not to get sick."

Elsa was too weak to stand up. He smiled dotingly and lifted her up. She frowned and said, "Put me down. It's not comfortable!"

"Are you sure you can walk if I put you down?" He looked at her seriously.

She replied, "Yes."

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