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   Chapter 483 A Glutton (Part One)

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After a long time, when the waves splashed, a fish was hooked by Bob. Elsa was not convinced. She turned her head and angrily watched Bob put the fish into the bucket. Noticing her angry eyes, he raised his eyes and looked at her playfully.

In Elsa's eyes, a glance from Bob was an insult. She stared at his smiling face and said angrily, "There must be something wrong with your bait." Otherwise, why didn't she catch a fish?

Seeing that she was in a huff, he handed her his fishing rod, Elsa was stunned. Why was he so generous? He must have something on his mind and played some tricks, but she didn't see through it.

Elsa glanced at his fishing rod with disdain. Bob said indifferently, "Exchange?"

Elsa's hand moved a little. She wanted to take it, but she regretted it when she reached it halfway. She quickly withdrew her hand. He looked at her with confusion. "What's wrong? No? Then I'll catch it myself. "

Elsa glared at him and ignored him. She muttered to herself, "You made your own fishing rod, but gave me vulgar one." Her murmur reached Bob's ears. Seeing her angry face, he didn't want to tease her anymore.

Elsa glanced at the fish bucket inadvertently. The more she thought about it, the more unwilling she felt. She didn't catch any fish in the afternoon, especially in front of him. It was so embarrassing. The more Elsa thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt. When she was a child, she and Wendy would not return empty handed every time they went out. At that time, they went into the river to catch fish.

At the thought of this, Elsa's eyes suddenly lit up. She was not willing to lose to him. If he could catch fish, she could catch fish too. At this time, when Bob was about to explain to her why she couldn't catch the fish, he saw a figure on the stone stand up and be about to jump into the river.

Bob turned pale with fright. He stood up in a hurry and pulled her back by the arm at this critical moment. Elsa's soft body hit his hard chest. Especially when her nose was hit hard, she frowned in pain. Before she could react, a sullen voice came from above her head.

d has to be picked up on the other side. It's a long way."

Bob looked at her helplessly and nodded. In fact, the reason why she agreed to stay with her was that he didn't want her to be disappointed. Secondly, he wanted to make up with her and let her have no misunderstandings in her heart. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In fact, it was just a cold night for him.

When he came to his senses, he looked serious again. He stared at Elsa's face and said seriously, "Don't regret it in the middle of the night!" Elsa shook her head resolutely, "No, I don't regret it!"

The sky in the distance had been shrouded in darkness. For the first time, Elsa was full of expectation for this kind of darkness. She had never been out all night. When she was a child, she would go to the countryside to play, but because of the strict family education, she had to go back before dusk.

"Okay!" Said Bob, thinking about how to arrange it.

Elsa's face suddenly changed. She looked at him angrily and said, "Why didn't a fish bite my bait?"

"Didn't I tell you?"

Elsa looked at him in confusion. When did he tell her?

He smiled and said lightly, "You didn't make any noise during the fishing, but you were taking a rest with your eyes closed."

She frowned and said, "There is bait. They can bite the bait."

"Do you really think you are Elder Jiang who could catch fish with a straight hook?"

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