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   Chapter 481 Go Fishing (Part One)

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Elsa pushed him and shouted angrily, "I've told you. Don't disturb it."

Seeing her being so irritated, he didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. He cupped her fists and coaxed her softly, "Well, I'll compensate you, but you have to go fishing with me."

Elsa glared at him angrily and shouted, "No. Don't bother me anymore." "The butterflies have already flown away. What can I do? You are too stupid to catch a butterfly for such a long time. "

"You drove the butterfly away on purpose." She was almost out of breath. It was obvious that he alerted the butterfly on purpose, but now he blamed her for being stupid.

With a helpless smile, he said, "Wait a minute. The environment here is beautiful. A few days later, groups of butterflies will fly over. Can I compensate you then?"

After he finished speaking, he stopped laughing and looked at Elsa seriously. Elsa was about to lose her temper, but when she saw his sincere attitude, she knew that anger was useless. In the end, she just glared at him, turned around and walked forward angrily.

Seeing this, Bob strode to catch up with her, grabbed her wrist and said guiltily, "Are you angry?" After saying that, he even wanted to laugh at himself. It was obvious that she was angry.

"Let go of me!" Elsa struggled angrily. He frowned and pulled a long face, but he was patient to lure her, "If you want butterflies, there are a lot of them in the suburbs. If you like fishing, you can go fishing in the suburbs. In this way, you can just go out for a walk. Why don't you do it with one move?"

Elsa was stunned for a moment and tightly grasped the word "Butterfly". She raised her head and her attitude was not so tough. Once again she began to hesitate. In fact, fishing... She wanted to go fishing at the beginning, but she didn't want to go with him. But butterflies were different. Wendy said that she would take part in the design competition recently, and her initial idea was to use butterfly as a reference. But she had a professional habit, or could be said to be a kind of professional disease. She had to find a reference object when she designed a thing. She studied the specimen carefully from inside to outside, so in the past fe

is face, he looked particularly bewitching. A strange feeling flowed through her heart. In fact, although he was a little old, his appearance was not that bad. It should be described as handsome.

"Do you want to do it?" She looked at him curiously fiddling with the things. Bob didn't reply, so Elsa was a little angry.

"Who cares?" Elsa said angrily and turned her head away.

"Shut up!" He scolded her in a serious and cold voice, Elsa glared at him with dissatisfaction. He didn't say anything and kept silent. His silence always gave her a strange feeling. She didn't know how to express that feeling, but in fact, she didn't hate it.

After two hours, Elsa excitedly picked up the fishing rod and walked out. Seeing that she was as excited as a child who was about to get candies, Bob smiled dotingly.

In the suburb, birds were singing and flowers were fragrant, mountains and rivers were beautiful, and the vast lawn was covered with jagged rocks. A burst of clear air came to her nose. On the lawn, Elsa, who saw the river from a distance, couldn't help running towards the river, and behind her was Bob, who was walking slowly, with a wooden bucket and a fishing rod in his hand.

Sitting on the shore, Elsa couldn't wait to bend down, her head almost falling into the water. When he saw her dangerous action, he was frightened to death. He rushed over and pulled her up, let her sit straight, and said with a little blame, "Pay attention to security!"

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