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   Chapter 451 You Wrinkled My Wedding Dress (Part One)

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With a gloating smile on Charlie's face, Wendy stared at him with a pair of reproachful eyes, as if she would pounce on him at any time.

"I'm just telling the truth. Why can't I say that?" Said Charlie shamelessly.

Wendy glared at Charlie and said angrily, "You are not him. How do you know who he loves?"

With a serious look on his face, Charlie asked, "Isn't that obvious? He can't marry the woman he loves. Of course he can marry a woman who loves him much. What's more, in terms of family background, let alone a brother with great reputation, of course you deserve him, and he will get a lot of benefits by marrying you. "

Wendy was so angry that her face turned pale and her body began to tremble. She shouted at Charlie angrily, "Charlie, I don't have time to play with you. If you have time, just worry about your sister's life. How much do you know about our relationship? Don't think too much."

Wendy was almost driven mad. She couldn't bear to see Charlie's arrogant face, so she stretched out her arm and pushed him hard. Caught off guard, Charlie staggered and almost fell to the ground. When he stood up, he didn't give up and said frankly, "I'm telling the truth. Even if you cry, it can't change the fact that he cares about others. "

Wendy was so angry that she pushed Charlie hard. Her tears really fell down and she choked with sobs, "Get out. Today is my wedding day. Charlie, you are not welcome here. Get out now. "

The corner of Charlie's mouth twitched. He slightly bent down and carefully looked at Wendy's face. Then he saw the tears from the corner of her eyes. "Well. Even if you really cry, he won't love you. Save your tears! "

Wendy was even angrier, but she didn't know what to do except crying. "Get out. It's my wedding day... "

Since she couldn't push Charlie away, she had to pinch him with her fingernails. Charlie frowned in pain and said, "It hurts. Let go of me. Shrew, who will want a woman like you? Let go of me, or I'll be angry. "

Hearing what Charlie said, Wendy didn't let go of her hand, but pinched his waist more fiercely. Charlie grimaced in pain. He felt that he was bleeding. Women were so violent.

"Wendy... Let go of me!

lace. Seeing that Wendy was crying, Ben reacted and strode over. He grabbed Charlie's wrist and twisted it hard. After a crisp sound, it was Charlie's miserable cry.

"Don't... Don't move. It's broken. It's broken. " Charlie said in a hurry and looked at Ben with pleading eyes. It was not until then that Wendy noticed the arrival of Ben. She raised her head and looked at him with aggrieved eyes.

Ben was very handsome, and his face seemed to be more handsome than usual. The black bridegroom's clothes outlined his perfect figure, and there was a fatal attraction all over his body. However, at this moment, his face was indeed full of anger. *

Seeing that he was going to use more strength, Charlie cried out in a hurry, "I didn't do anything wrong..."

Seeing that Charlie's face was as pale as ashes, a complacent smile appeared on her tearful face. She intimately grabbed the arm of Ben and said softly, "Ben, since he has served me as a maid for a month, I won't take it seriously this time."

As soon as Wendy finished her words, Charlie glared at her. But when she cast a warning glance at him, he immediately showed a grateful expression. He smiled at Ben and said cheekily, "Well... Well, can you let go of me? "

With a frown, Ben loosened his grip on Charlie's wrist and turned his head to look at Wendy, who was smiling through tears, confused. "What's going on?" "He wrinkled my wedding dress. I got this dress with great efforts. Look..."

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