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   Chapter 372 Do You Have Other Women (Part Two)

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When she walked into the room, the fragrance of Gardenia first lingered in her nose. Then, Wendy saw the Gardenia on the balcony -- not only gardenia, but also several potted flowers. She couldn't name them!

It was quiet and serene. Smelling the faint fragrance, Wendy was unprecedentedly calm.

Walking behind her, with a complicated expression on his face, Gary Su looked at her hesitantly. Finally, he reached out his arm and held Wendy in his arms from behind. Wendy was stunned and her heart trembled.

His warm breath wrapped her little by little. Wendy stood still, staring at the blossoming flowers on the balcony.

He lowered his head and called softly, "Wendy... I've been thinking if I'm healthy and you're healthy, will we meet again? Maybe, it's really fate. In the last period of my life, you appeared in my sight... "

Wendy continued, "I've been thinking, if... I will marry you without any regret in my life. You are so beautiful. Although your eyes are melancholy, you are still beautiful. I think I'm deeply in it! "

A smile appeared on Wendy's face. She slowly turned around and looked at him seriously with her melancholy eyes. "Then you are just infatuated with my appearance..."

She smiled, and so did Gary. "No!"

He didn't explain much, but Wendy threw herself into his arms as if she was a lovable woman. "Well... We are a perfect match! " Wendy said with self-mockery.

Perhaps, we would die one after another

"Maybe," said Gary with a gentle smile.

"Marry me," Wendy whispered in his arms.

Stunned for a moment, Gary looked down at her serious face and said seriously, "Why? Didn't you say no? " There was undisguised joy in his eyes.

"At that time... I'm annoying, self abased, full of resentment, dark and extreme! "

"It's not that serious. You are just too sad."

Wendy said bitterly, "Well, maybe!"

"Wendy, I'm not outstanding enough..."

"But you are so kind to me. Thank you for taking care of me in the past two months!"

"I can't give you anything!"

"Don't you want to marry me? Why do you feel inferior now? " Gary Su looked at her with a complicated look in his eyes. Wendy smiled

ly, "Stop it!" Reluctantly as he was, he still lay on the bed and didn't dare to move. Tracy also lay beside him and grabbed his arm. "Two hours!"

Brody turned his head to look at her resolute face. Tracy pressed his arm forcefully to prevent him from standing up. She looked at him and said, "It's just two hours' sleep!"

"Do you know what you are doing now?"

She looked at him with her clear and puzzled eyes, but he was still serious. "This is called willfulness. It's such a big company. You let me slack off..."

Biting her lips, Tracy looked at him with a little grievance, "No... I... As you said, it won't matter if you just take a two-hour break. "

He stared at her face seriously and asked, "Have you ever thought about what my competitor is doing now?"

With an aggrieved look on her face, Tracy insisted, "One hour..." Brody's eyes flickered. Seeing that he was about to refuse, Tracy said sadly, "I just want you to sleep with me for a while!"

Looking at her aggrieved look, Brody couldn't help laughing. He held her in his arms and kissed her hard. He didn't let her go until she was almost out of breath. Tracy's face flushed and stared at him fiercely.

An evil smile appeared in Brody's black eyes. He continued to kiss her forehead and cheek, deliberately, and said meaningfully, "Don't you want me to... Sleep with you? "

Tracy's face turned redder. "I just want you to sleep. Don't think too much!"

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