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   Chapter 367 Didn't You Abandon Me (Part Three)

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Brody slowly walked over and held Melissa's hand, trying to pull her out of Tracy's arms. Tracy hesitated for a while, but she didn't object. She stood up and gave Melissa to him. Looking at Melissa up and down carefully, Brody suddenly smiled.

He wondered who this naughty little guy looked like. Sure enough, he was right. She looked like Wendy, of course, like Tracy. No wonder...

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Brody couldn't help but squat down. Feeling wronged, Melissa stretched out her arms and cried, "Dad, give me a hug!"

Her innocent and lovely look made him laugh even more happily. What kind of father? He was her real father, not Ben.

A weird smile suddenly appeared at the corners of Brody's mouth. He just held Melissa in his arms gently, and Melissa also stretched out two arms to encircle his neck. "Melissa, tell me, do you miss me?"

Melissa was about to say something, but she suddenly stopped. At this time, Ben's cold eyes were staring at her back. Brody smiled and said lightly, "Don't be afraid. Come on, say it!"

Melissa hesitated and said, "Yes..."

It seemed that Melissa was afraid of Ben, so she said in a low voice. Brody smiled with satisfaction. He pinched her cute face and tried to persuade her, "Well, can you live with dad?"

"But... I want mommy. And daddy. I have a home. Daddy has only one person! "

The corners of Brody's mouth froze. Although he knew that children's words were all right, his heart was still deeply stung. Four years had passed, but he could not bear it in this way. Ben was Tracy's nominal husband. Maybe, this time, he would not indulge her any more.

As soon as Brody stood up, Ben said with sarcasm, "It doesn't seem appropriate for Brody to behave like this!" "It seems that you are not the right one," said Brody, staring at him with his malicious eyes.

Ben looked at him quietly. Regardless of everything, Brody pulled Tracy into his arms. Tracy was in a state of distraction, so she was pulled by him unexpectedly. Her thin body hit his hard chest, and she was dizzy.

Brody lowered his head nervously and helped Tracy up. "Are you okay?"

Dizzy, Tracy raised her head and looked at him with tears in her eyes. Amused, he pinched her cheek and said, "My delicate lady!" After he finished joking, he looked at the face of Ben.

With a calm look on his face, Ben continued, "Brody, it was you who said you would let her go. Are you really so childish to take her back now?"

"My opponent is indeed the smartest. You are right. I want to take her back."

Hearing that, Tracy's face changed dramatically. She suddenly struggled in his arms and said, "Brody, I'm not your toy. I'm someone else's wife now. It's illegal for you to do so."

Frowning, Brody lowered his head and looked at Tracy, "Against the law?"

Tracy pushed him away and glared at him, "Yes, if you dare to do so, I will sue you!"

dow on Melissa, he interrupted her directly, "Melissa, how old are you? You still need Dad to hold you. You should be in the first grade now."

She pursed her lips in displeasure, and her face flushed slightly. Although she was not happy, she nodded and said, "Okay, no more hugs!"

Tracy came back to her senses and looked at them helplessly. Then, Brody walked towards her and said, "The children have recognized me. Aren't you going home yet?" Tracy's heart ached, "You do treat me as your toy."

Brody frowned and sighed. He held her in his arms and said, "Go home with me. I'll explain to you!"

Tracy's eyes were filled with tears and her heart ached, but her face was still cold. At this time, Alston looked at Brody from left to right, and then looked at Ben. When he saw the lonely figure of Ben walking upstairs, he hurriedly followed up, "Dad..."

Looking back at the back of Alston, Brody just smiled. He turned his head and kissed on Tracy's forehead intimately. "Listen to me. Don't make trouble anymore. I'll tell you when we get back. Trust me. I'll deal with the rest."

Biting her lips, Tracy asked in a trembling voice, "Then why do you still want me? Didn't you abandon me?"

Brody smiled and raised her chin, staring at her little face, "Don't you know the reason?"

With tears in her eyes, Tracy looked at him and shook her head. "I don't know. I don't know if you really drive me away or not!"

Enduring the pain in the bottom of his heart, Brody held Tracy into his arms and said, "Don't cry. It's not true, but it's true. You're right, my arm is fine!"

After Brody said that, Tracy didn't get excited, because it was what she had expected, but he didn't believe it.

"Brody... It's because you are sick that I can't abandon you. I should take care of you, but you don't want me. Are you worried that you will drag me down? But I won't... " Tracy choked with sobs. In his arms, he let her cry.

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