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   Chapter 358 I'll Marry You (Part Three)

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Two months later, the news that the CEO of YS Group got married was widely spread. There was no doubt that this news had been on the entertainment news headlines, and more importantly, the bride was the wife of the famous Brody.

The whole church were filled with the fragrance of roses. The wedding was about to be held——

In Ye family's house, leaning against the sofa helplessly, Brody picked up the newspaper of that day. Although he had seen the news on the Internet, he could not help but pick up the newspaper and stared at the picture on it. They leaned against each other and smiled sweetly. However, he was sure that the photo was not taken recently by Ben and Tracy, because six years ago Tracy was just a little girl. She was a simple, lovely and pure girl, especially her clear eyes. Six years later, because of him, her eyes became complicated and her face began to be full of sadness.

The angle of the photo was moderate, and this should be taken secretly a few years ago. It occurred to him that in fact, Tracy and Ben had known each other before. He smiled bitterly. Perhaps, from the beginning, they were destined to be together.

Brody was absent-minded and didn't notice the person behind him until the newspaper in his hand was taken away——

Brody's face changed a little. He was still leaning against the sofa, and Charlie in front of him. He sat next to him with a roguish smile on his face as usual. He was holding a newspaper in his hand and deliberately looked at it. He couldn't help but exclaim, "Ouch! It's perfect to use the golden boy and the jade girl to describe them. No, I can change a few words to describe them. They should be a match made in heaven, a pair made in heaven, a pair made in heaven... "

Brody still leaned against the sofa, his calm face was expressionless. If it was in usual, if Charlie dared to do this in front of him, he would have punched him. But now... …… He was not in the mood. Everything seemed to have lost its meaning.

Charlie put on a cheeky smile and looked at him carefully, "Eh? There seems to be something wrong today. Your desperate ex-wife is going to get married today. Why are you sitting here and doing nothing? "

Brody's eyebrows twitched, but in the end, he didn't say anything. He just let Charlie talk endlessly, "Well, Ben and Tracy should have been together for a long time. I have told you, why do you have to make great efforts to chase her? She won't change her mind."

After saying that, Charlie secretly looked at the arm that was held by him and said, "Hey, aren't you tired? I've already taken it down. I didn't have time to inform yo

to say something firm.

"Wait!" A clear voice sounded in the quiet church, so abrupt.

Everyone looked at the direction of the door in confusion, while Tracy and Ben were both in a daze. They slowly turned around, and everyone was confused to see this scene. Then there began to be a big commotion among the crowd, and some people began to whisper.

When Ben and Tracy turned around, they saw a pitiful face. It had been two months, or to be exact, nearly three months. After three months, her face became paler, and her beautiful eyebrows seemed to droop, losing their original vitality. Her beautiful and clear eyes looked lifeless, like a pool of stagnant water. The naughty look on her face had disappeared, but there was only despair.

Ben was in a daze for a moment when he saw Wendy walking towards him. He felt a little helpless. Wendy walked towards him step by step with heavy steps. Her thin curly hair wrapped around her shoulders, which made her even more helpless.

When Wendy walked up to him, tears were pouring down. She raised her head and looked at him with expectations. "Are you really going to get married?"

After saying that, Wendy's helpless tears continued to fall. She knew that she knew the answer. At this point, he had entered the church with his beloved woman, walking on the red carpet. She came like a clown.

But... Even so, she still couldn't help but hold the last hope for herself. She hoped that he would go back on his words and turn around...

Ben came back to his senses and looked at Wendy at a loss, but soon his eyes returned to the usual calmness. His calm gaze made Wendy's heart ache. Many years ago, they met for the first time. She fell into it, sinking into it, and she still couldn't escape.

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