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   Chapter 355 You Made Me Desperate Twice (Part Four)

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Updated: 2020-07-22 00:03

Tracy immediately apologized, "I'm sorry... I didn't mean it."

Looking at his cold expression, she panicked. "Don't be angry. I really didn't mean it!"

"I'm not angry. Please sign it!" said Brody lightly.

Looking at him with her empty eyes, Tracy said, "I've told you I have two pieces of good news for you. Don't you want to hear it?"

Brody frowned, "I'm not interested!"

"Bastard..." Tracy gritted her teeth and punched him in the chest.

Brody was still indifferent. Tracy cried, "How could you abandon them..."

The familiar words made Brody stunned. It seemed that she had said that before. Tracy sobbed and threw herself into her arms carefully. "Brody, Melissa... and Alston... are your children... I was too selfish four years ago that I didn't tell you then..."

It was like a bolt from the blue. Brody's face changed greatly and his heart beat violently. But when Tracy raised her head, his face returned to indifference. He seemed not interested in what she said at all.

Tracy looked at him in shock, "You..."

He didn't respond. Wasn't he surprised? Or... He didn't like the children?

Fearing that he didn't hear her, Tracy held back her tears and continued to sob, "Brody, I said Melissa and Alston are your children. They are twins..."

Brody lowered his head calmly without any fluctuation in his eyes. He looked at her and said indifferently, "I can bring them up according to my obligation. I will give you alimony regularly!"

His cold and heartless words hit Tracy again. She started to laugh and couldn't stop it.

"Alimony? Don't you believe me? Don't you believe that they are your children?" Tracy was so angry that she didn't know what to do, but became more desperate. How could he be indifferent to the two cute children? He was their father!

child here. If you don't let me get up now, it's likely to hurt her or him. I haven't been pregnant for a long time, so it's hard to tell whether it's a boy or a girl."

Brody came to his senses with a pale face. He sighed and leaned against the sofa. He said weakly, "You can marry Ben. He will take good care of you. Let's talk about this later. I'll be responsible for the child!"

Tracy was stunned, and the last glimmer of hope in her heart was completely destroyed. After a long time, her face turned pale and her body trembled. She looked up at him, but his face was still so ruthless and indifferent.

Her heart began to cramp and her internal organs were pulled. After a long time, she smiled, "Where do you want me to go?"

With his throat tightened, Brody stood up and said, "I'll go!"

Tracy laughed and stood up unsteadily. "Brody, you can hurt a woman, but you can't make her disappointed and desperate. But you have made me desperate twice..."

Her cold and firm voice was resolute. Her trembling body passed by him. The expression on his face changed. He watched her helpless body gradually disappear in front of him. He was so painful that he almost couldn't breathe...

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