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   Chapter 354 You Made Me Desperate Twice (Part Three)

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Updated: 2020-07-21 00:13

"Start the car!" then he ordered the driver.

It was not until Tracy sat down that she felt a pain on her head. She subconsciously reached out her hand to touch it, but tears kept rolling down. The collision was very serious just now. No wonder she felt dizzy and a big bump appeared.

Brody was sitting next to her, expressionless. Tracy angrily moved her body to keep a distance from him, and all her subtle movements were all caught by his peripheral vision. Looking at her pitiful appearance, his heart ached severely. Tracy sat in her seat sulkily, lowered her head and pressed her hand on the top of her head.

Brody couldn't help but pull her into his arms and checked her head with his big hand. There was a swollen bump on her head. He was a little regretful for his rashness. Tracy pushed him away angrily, got rid of his arms and sat back in her seat, without saying a word with a cold face.

Brody twitched his body, but he said nothing and did nothing.

On the way back home, neither of them spoke. After returning home, Tracy quickly went upstairs, ran to her bedroom and lay down on the bed. Brody followed her in. She lay flat on the bed, tightly grabbing the quilt on her chest with her hands, and her eyes were tightly closed. With a barely audible sigh, he said in a cold voice, "It doesn't matter. For the sake that you haven't slept for a few days, you are allowed to sleep for the last morning!"

After saying that coldly, he walked out of the room. Tracy suddenly opened her eyes and felt her short breath in the empty room.

Perhaps it was because she was too tired, pulling the quilt, she cried for a while and fell asleep. She slept for the whole afternoon. When she woke up, it was getting dark.

Tracy sat up and stretched herself comfortably. Then

beside his legs. She held his big hand with her small hand and said, "Brody, I won't divorce you!"

Her cold voice was firm and stubborn. Hearing that, Brody's eyebrows twitched, but his face was still expressionless. "Sign it. We are not meant to be together!"

Looking at his cold and heartless face, she suddenly stood up and threw herself into his arms. "No way... I won't divorce you. I won't."

Tracy burst into tears, with her arms around his neck. Brody almost lost control and held her in his arms, but his reason still told him to be cold. "Don't do this!"

As he tried to push her away, Tracy held him even tighter. "I've said that we won't divorce!"

Brody said in a stern tone, "Let go of me!"

Tracy still didn't let him go. Instead, she hugged him tightly. She accidentally touched his arm. Frowning, he snorted in a low voice. He was different from before. Now he couldn't use all his strength, not to mention that Tracy was lying prone him at this moment.

Noticing his reaction, Tracy's face turned pale with fright. She quickly got up from his body and looked at his arm, which was hanging there. The sleeve was stretched and obviously it was still swollen.

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