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   Chapter 348 Let Me Go Home (Part One)

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 7211

Updated: 2020-07-18 00:13

The point of the knife pierced into Bob's chest, and blood splashed. Elsa's hands trembled and she almost lost control of her emotions. She pulled out the dagger, and the blood splashed her in the face. A bitter smile appeared at the corners of Bob's mouth. When his hand was about to touch her cheek, she let go of the the knife hilt and took a few steps back. She stared at Bob in despair and said angrily in a trembling voice, "Let me go home!"

Shaking his body, Bob took a step forward, staring at her with dispirited eyes. When he saw the despair in her eyes get deeper, he sighed and said weakly, "It's not going along the white birch trees. I've made marks on the trees. You think you can get out of here by following the marks, but in fact, it will only make you be trapped in the fog area, or you will go back to where you are."

Elsa cried, "Then tell me, how to leave this place? You have done so many evil things and you have already been punished, but you still don't regret it!"

With a helpless smile on his pale face, Bob said, "Change it. It's not going along the white birch trees, but the white poplar trees. You can get out of here this time..."

Bob said in a reluctant tone. His heart ached. He didn't want her to leave, but he was not able to persuade her to stay, so he had no choice. In the past, he could only use this extreme way to keep her by his side. In the end, he had to let her go home.

Elsa widened her eyes and looked at him doubtfully. Apparently, she didn't believe what he said, because he had lied to her more than once, and he had told her to go home more than once. But in the end, she could only turn back to where she was.

On the verge of collapsing, Bob looked at Elsa and gradually felt a little tired. He looked at her seriously and said, "It's true this time. Go along the white poplar trees!"

Elsa looked at him suspiciously, but her action did not last long, because now, no matter what Bob said, she must believe it. This was her only choice. Whether what he said was true or not, she must have a try.

Elsa glared at Bob with angry eyes and said angrily, "You'd better not lie to me!"


t tone.

Elsa stared at him fiercely, "Kill you? You want me to become a murderer? It's not worth it!"

After saying that, Elsa shrank her shoulders as if she was afraid that Bob would get angry. Then, Bob suddenly held her in her arms and said, "Silly girl, you will regret if you don't kill me now!"

Elsa sneered in his arms and said coldly, "You don't have much energy left. I don't need to do anything!"

With a bitter smile, Bob felt that his arms were getting weaker and weaker, but he still held her and said intermittently, "Elsa, silly girl... From now on, take care of... yourself... And... be smart... Don't get fooled all the time..."

As soon as Bob finished his words, he was about to fall to the ground. Elsa stood still and Bob continued, "Brody... didn't... choose you... because you are so stupid... So... he will never choose you..."

Tears streamed down Elsa's face. "I know. Don't worry. I know myself well enough!"

Bob let go of her and touched her face gently with his trembling hand stained with blood. "Go and find your brother. Silly girl, don't cry. Aren't you happy that I finally let you go home?"

Elsa's helpless tears fell down, and Bob's heart seemed to be torn apart by her tears. He still touched her face and gently coaxed, "Don't cry... Otherwise, there will be jackals in the dark. Look at you. You tore up your clothes and didn't go to buy clothes. You can only go home like this!"

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