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   Chapter 346 No (Part Two)

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"Brody..." Tracy's gentle voice sounded. Brody stopped and thought of something. Tracy looked at him helplessly with tears in her eyes and said, "Stop chasing! It is too dangerous here! Let's get out of here first... Is hatred so important?"

Brody's heart ached. He slowly turned around, and then saw Tracy's delicate face with tears. She walked up, and he also turned around. It was not until then that he realized what he had done. He had just left her alone.

Feeling sorry for her, Brody touched her face and said, "I'm sorry... Let's go!"

Standing aside, Charlie looked very unnatural. He murmured unhappily, "I'm here either to be your third wheel or to risk my life for you."

After Brody cast a cold glance at Charlie, Charlie immediately shut his mouth obediently. Tracy pulled Brody's sleeve and asked, "Why is this place not as dangerous as we think?"

She was indeed confused. With a smile in his eyes, Brody wiped off the tears on her face and explained to her in a soft voice, "The real weapon of Bob must not be here..."

Before Brody could finish his words, Charlie interrupted him, "You are so stupid, because the mystery is outside!" Knowing that Brody would be unhappy, Charlie said these words to Tracy, and he kept staring at Tracy.

It was not until then that Tracy seemed to realize something and turned to look at Brody... So...

With his hands on his belly, Bob ran out of the lab, regardless of anything. However, when she walked out of the lab and into the depths of the forest, his path was blocked, and he was covered in blood. He struggled to stand up and looked at the person who blocked his way.

His face changed greatly, and then he smiled bitterly. "Ben, I don't have any grudge against you. I let you go four years ago. Shouldn't you repay me today?"

Ben stood quietly in front of Bob, looking at his bloody and flustered face calmly.

Seeing that Ben didn't say anything, Bob became more anxious. He looked at him and gradually showed a look of entreaty. "What? Are you really going to take revenge today? But what kind of deep hatred can I have against you?"

Ben's eyes were still calm. After a l

d her tightly in his arms...

The sound of hidden weapons kept ringing in her ears. The expression on Tracy's face changed greatly when she was in his arms. There was only one thought in her mind: all the traps were activated this time. As soon as Tracy realized what had happened, she was at a loss and wanted to poke her head out. As soon as she moved a little bit, a force pressed her tightly in a safe corner -- in his arms.

Tracy was scared out of her wits. She could hear the sound of the daggers flying over and hitting the door. After a long time, the sound stopped. Tracy got out of Brody's arms nervously, and then... Her face changed dramatically.

"Brody..." Her arm was covered with blood. No, it was bleeding from his body. Tracy felt a sharp pain in her heart and quickly pulled his arm over. The blood was all over her hand.

She cried and held his hand, "Brody..."

Brody interrupted her, "Don't cry. It's okay. Look at you. You look like a little girl who has never experienced anything. Don't cry!"

His voice was still so powerful, although many parts of his body had been cut by the daggers. Tracy cried even louder. "Brody... Why? "

He touched her face and said worriedly, "It's okay. How can I let you be hurt? Don't be angry. Just now I went to chase after Bob because he was so hateful that even one hundred times of his death was not enough to vent my hatred. I didn't mean to leave you behind."

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