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   Chapter 338 (Part Three)

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He didn't turn around. There was no sound behind him.

At this time, Charlie was secretly retreating. He stared at the back of Brody in a panic, his face entangled to the extreme.

Hiding not far away, Charlie saw three people appear in front of Brody and surround him with guns.

Brody glanced coldly at the three men who were raising their guns, but said nothing. One of them came up and covered his eyes with a black cloth, staring at the back of his head with a threatening look.

As if nothing had happened, Brody followed a man in front of him. He remembered that Charlie ran very fast. It seemed that he had volunteered to come with him when he came. Now... He was the first one to notice the danger and ran away.

A strong smell of chemical medicine filled Brody's nostrils. He realized that he had entered a large laboratory, and it was a basement. His eyes were covered with a strip of cloth, so he couldn't see the outside.

It was not until Brody noticed a man standing in front of him like a king that he concentrated his attention and stood still. The man just stood in front of him without saying anything.

"Why do you have to make such a big scene now?"

"You're really a smart man. You don't have to say too much. In that case, I'll come straight to the point. You know what I've always wanted. Now both of you are in my hands, so... Don't try to escape. Maybe you think there is nothing here. No... I advise you now not to think about luck. You don't know where this is, so you naturally don't know what danger is hidden here. "

With a cruel smile on his lips, Brody said, "Don't you think it's too risky for you to invite me in like this?".

"We are all smart people. I just warned you that you haven't seen the terrain here, so you naturally don't know what kind of danger is hidden in the dark. Well, let's stop talking nonsense. Now I want to say another thing!"

"It's really a whimsical idea for you to let her study those gemstones." Brody said coldly.

Turning a deaf ear to Brody's words, Bob said, "Your little wife is hesitating now. You are different from her. You should know that women are single-minded and too stubborn, so... If you miss your child and if she is safe, you'd better persuade her. That's all I can say. Remember, I will only give you two hours. If I still can't hear anything after two hours, we will have to burn both stones and perish together. Brody, we have dealt with each other before. You should know that I am telling the truthBesides, I'm different from you. My life is worthless. Of course, these men here are willing to die for me. I'm afraid she is the mos

down now. Calm down. We don't have much time to think about it. If we are not careful enough, we will die here. Do you have the heart to let the two children have no mother?"

Sobbing, Tracy raised her head and looked at him. "But he said that if he didn't give them to him, Melissa and Alston would be well protected by Ben, but Bob is not an ordinary person. What will happen in the future?"

Looking at her helpless face, Brody's heart ached even more. He smiled and said, "If you can't do it, it may bring disaster. If you don't give it to him, your life will not be peaceful in the future, including mine. Now there is only one way to solve this problem."

Tears were welling up in Tracy's red and swollen eyes. She looked at him expectantly. With a serious look on his face and a cold expression in his eyes, Brody said, "You have to make Bob die!"

Tracy's face darkened again. She knew that, but they were now the fish on the choppers, and could only be slaughtered by others. There was no room for resistance. Seeing what she was thinking, Brody turned her around and stared at her little face. "When did you become so unconfident?"

With a disappointed look on her face, Tracy said, "It's not that I'm not confident. You can see the situation now. We don't know how many unknown dangers there are outside. Do you know how many traps, how many poisons and how many bombs Bob has set in this palace like lab? Or do you know the specific location of these dangers? How can you resist in this way? Tell me, even if you have three heads and six arms, how can you beat so many people outside? "

Seeing that she was exceptionally serious, Brody couldn't help smiling. He pinched her cheek intimately and praised, "You are so smart!".


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