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   Chapter 334 (Part Two)

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Bob looked embarrassed. He should have told her directly that he couldn't give it to her, but he didn't want to make her sad so directly. " "I have told you that I can't give you those two gems. Your women are so greedy..." Bob said thoughtfully. He clearly remembered that Tracy had died because of these two gems.

With a serious look on her face, Elsa stared at Bob and said word by word, "I've told you that I don't want it. Please don't... I won't take the gem. Do you really think I like your thing? I don't care. "

After a long silence, Bob took out a bracelet from his pocket. Elsa was stunned, and her eyes were immediately attracted by the bracelet. Then Bob handed the bracelet to her.

"This is a bracelet made of the lovesickness beans. They are all poisonous..."

Elsa looked at the thing in his hand in a daze. It was her first time to see it, and... She had to admit that it was really good, but she would not take it.

This bracelet was indeed different from ordinary luxury goods. It was ingenious in design and bold in design, which was incomparable to ordinary gold and silver jewelry bracelets.

Seeing that she shook her head, Bob raised his arm and put it on her own.

Elsa pulled her hand hard and said, "Don't bring it to me. If you insist on wearing it, I will kill you even with this poisonous Bracelet one day! "

"If you have the ability, just kill me, but don't take off this bracelet after you take it, unless you don't want to go home..."

Elsa pulled her hand hard and said, "Let go of me. I won't wear it at all..."

"I've told you that you are poisoned. Be careful!"

Elsa pulled the bracelet fiercely and was about to throw it away. At the same time, Bob glared at her, "Don't you want to go home?"

Elsa's hand froze in midair. Bob ordered in a cold voice, "Put it on yourself!"

Elsa looked at him hesitantly, gnashing her teeth in hatred. Then Bob looked at her with a dangerous face and said, "Wear it or not? You don't want to go home? "

Elsa was so angry that her face turned pale. In the end, she put the bracelet back strangely and Bob said domineeringly, "Never tak

, it was undeniable that no matter how beautiful these gemstones were, they were not as beautiful as the two gemstones in Bob's hands now -- fourIt caused a great uproar before the new year. Was it another disaster today?

"Have you decided what to do?" A cold voice came from behind Tracy.

Tracy's face changed a little, but she still didn't look back at the lab table. She kept silent for a long time before she said coldly, "Bob. Four years ago, you and I were living together. Four years later, today, we can only live apart!"

"It doesn't matter, anyway, in this world want to kill me of many people also not bad you this one, also not only you and I don't wear the same day..."

Tracy sneered, "You killed my father, and now you want me to study the experiments for you?"

"Tracy, you are a smart woman. You should know that you can't deceive me with your every move, so you'd better tell you everything you know, or you can do it directly, which saves a lot of trouble and makes me relaxed. And I can send you home early enough. Why don't you be happy?"

Tracy said coldly, "I don't know!"

"You don't know? Tracy, you are so smart. How could you not know what your father is thinking? Even when your father was alive, you didn't know, you were too young to understand anything, but four years from now, I don't think you'll be too inquisitive and inquisitive about the cause of your father's death!"

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