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   Chapter 333 (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-07-11 00:03

Elsa's eyes lit up, but soon dimmed. She stared at Bob and said with disdain, "Don't lie to me anymore. I don't know who said that I should go home by myself, but I changed my mind in less than a minute. Now you want to do the same thing again?"

"Is it necessary for me to lie to you? Come here and I'll tell you! " This time, with a serious look on Bob's face, Elsa still looked at him doubtfully. Bob could do nothing about it, but his arm was still open to her. "Come here. I'm telling you the truth. I'll teach you the way home!"

Elsa stared at Bob and said, "Is it true that you hit me?" He let her go? She didn't believe that he would let her go if he wanted.

With a serious look on his face, Bob asked, "Do you want to go home or not?" Elsa wanted to blurt out "no", but she couldn't resist his temptation. Seeing this, Bob said decisively, "Whether you can go back or not, you only have this chance. If you don't go back..."

Elsa looked at him nervously, "I'll go back!" After saying that, Bob smiled. He stretched out his arms again and said, "Then come over..."

Elsa hesitated and moved to the bedside. She looked at him with unwillingness and horror, "But I don't have clothes!" She was so anxious that she wanted to go home. Only then did she realize that she was wearing pajamas, as if she hadn't changed for many days.

"I haven't taught you how to walk..."

Elsa stared at him and said, "But I always wear clothes. I'm a narrow-minded man."

"What about your previous clothes?"

"I don't have any clothes."

Bob stared at her. It seemed that he had bought her clothes no matter whether they fit her or not?

Elsa lowered her head and said indignantly, "I cut them all!"

"Cut it into pieces for no reason?" ""That's my business. I don't want what you give me..." Although those clothes were really beautiful, she had no freedom to wear them here. Why did she need them?

"Cut it into pieces if you don't want it?"

Elsa was frightened to tremble. When she was about to move back, she was pulled back by Bob. She struggled hard, trying to get rid of his big hand. Bob stared at


Without answering, Elsa glared at Bob and said, "You know you are lying to me!"

She turned around in disappointment and lay down on the bed. With a frown, Bob stood up and said, "Get up first!"

"Let go of me. I know you don't want me to go back. I won't mention going home again. You can do whatever you want."

"What do you want?"

Elsa was stunned for a moment, and then looked at him as if he was a monster. His words were beyond her expectation, and why did she feel that everything of Bob was wrong today?

Seeing that she didn't say anything, Bob continued to urge," Tell me, what do you want?"

Looking into his serious eyes, Elsa blurted out, "I want to go back..."

"Except going home!" He interrupted her coldly.

Elsa's face darkened again. Bob continued to say seriously, "I'll give you whatever you want except the two gems and going home that day!"

Without raising her head, Elsa said, "Don't bother me anymore. I won't take anything you give me. I hate you... "

Taking a deep breath, Bob said, "You must. Tell me, what do you want?"

Elsa still didn't raise her head and said seriously, "The only thing I like is the two gemstones, and they are not yours, either..."

"I've told you that the two gems have important uses. It's not that I don't want to give you. Change to another one. " "I don't want anything else. If you want to give me something, I want a gem! "

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