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   Chapter 329 (Part Three)

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Then Bob started the car and took out his phone. Elsa] looked at him in confusion, and took a picture of her on the phone expressionlessly.

He had taken the photos casually, but after Elsa's serious look because of confusion, they were totally different from what Bob had imagined. He had wanted to take a photo of her crying pitifully and her whole body in a mess, but now in this photo, her confused look looked somewhat cute, and the absent-minded dear hatred looked somewhat cute. Bob couldn't help smiling.

Elsa was even more confused. Bob sniffed, sat down and took a few more photos. Elsa didn't know about it.

At noon in Brody's villa.

Bored, Charlie turned on the TV and looked around. At last, his eyes fell on the woman who was sitting on the sofa and eating an apple leisurely.

Charlie couldn't help smiling at her, "You are free."

Tracy was stunned for a moment. She stopped biting the apple and said, "Your task is just to monitor me. Don't talk so much!"

Tracy's cold words made Charlie's face freeze. He looked at her speechlessly and said, "You can't be so heartless. I... I'm not going to talk about me now. You can talk about Brody. Now I see that you seem very unhappy. "

There was a hidden meaning in his words. Tracy continued to bite her apple and ignored Charlie.

With an indignant look on his face, Charlie said, "You've seen Melissa now, but... You know... "

As he spoke, he looked at Tracy with a complicated look. But Tracy didn't notice anything unusual about Charlie. She thought he was talking to himself.

Charlie's words did not attract the attention of Tracy, but her own. Yes, this guy. Was it true that he had been a short-lived Ghost this time? There was still no news. Didn't they say that he would give the news?

After thinking for a long time, Charlie braced himself to stand up. Although he couldn't call Brody at the appointed time, the situation seemed to change now.

When Charlie stood up to get his phone, he stole a glance at Tracy, who was eating an apple. She was happy to be free.

He went to the guest room and picked up the phone, but soon his face changed.

When did her phone turn off? Charlie was so frightened that his blood began to flow backward and his body began to tremble. Did Brody call? What if she was in danger?

Charlie anxiously turned on his phone, and his face suddenly became extraordinarily serious. When he turned on the phone, there were a few short messages. However, when he saw the content of the message, he was shocked.


The woman in the photo had cried, and now... She was clearly under control.

"Charlie, if you want your sister to be safe and sound, come to me tomorrow noon!"

After a short sentence, Bob began to panic. Elsa, the whole bad girl, had told her not to contact with that kind of person. Did she have to be self willed, and now in this situation.

Without thinking, Bob went downstairs in a hurry and came to Tracy. Tracy raised her head in confusion and asked, "What's wrong with you?"

This time, she did ask him with all her heart. Charlie was stunned for a moment, and then shook his he

ks his plan. So as long as Bob has a chance, Brody won't let him go and will directly take his life. And this time, it's more like for Melissa. It's more like he did it for you. Do you think he will save you and other people's children? ——After all, he doesn't know that Melissa is his child yet. "

"Charlie..." Tracy looked at him with tears in her eyes.

Charlie sighed, "Nothing. There is a time bomb in Melissa's heart, and the requirement of Bob is to see you in four days. But how could he give you to her in person?"

With her eyes wide open, Tracy looked at Charlie, who was dizzy and held her in his arms with a frown.

Tracy managed to stand firm and trembled, "Charlie, why? Why did you hide it from me? Why did you hide such a big thing from me?"

There was a bomb in her heart? She couldn't even imagine, but Melissa was just a child!

She didn't expect that Bob would do such a cruel thing to a child. She had thought about it before. At most, Bob could only use Melissa as a hostage, but it was far from enough. In order to achieve Bob's goal, she would not charge at all.

Tracy came to her senses and looked at Charlie in a panic, "Then... Now Melissa is innocent. Didn't you send her to the kindergarten? Why did you send them to the kindergarten? "

"No, don't be so excited. Calm down, Tracy. The child is at Ben's house, and Wendy is taking care of him. Wendy knows about the bomb. So, don't worry. Nothing will happen. "

Charlie held Tracy tightly in his arms and comforted her. Now he doubted whether what he had done was right or not and told her all these things, but he had no choice!

Pulling the clothes of Charlie, Tracy said, "But... Where is Brody? Where is he? " She cried helplessly, and Charlie's heart was pulled hard. The woman in his arms was just like this, making people unable to hate her. He couldn't blame her even if she did something wrong.

"It's okay. Listen to me and don't run around. If you really care about him, don't run around. I'll go to find him. Wait for my news..."

Tracy didn't say anything, her body trembling.

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