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   Chapter 312 (Part One)

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Wendy stopped crying. She was not a child, so she knew how serious the situation was. With a long face, Ben said, "Go upstairs to sleep. This is the last time. If you like to cry next time, just cry!"

Ben had said that every time, but in the end, he had never let Wendy cry? Having no choice, Ben touched her head and said, "Go ahead. Stop it."

"I don't care what you will do in the future. But now it's about Melissa's lives. You can't be so selfish to have a conflict."

Hearing that, Ben was speechless. At the same time, he looked at her with a little grievance and said, "You have to ask your brother whether he is angry or not. I can stop conflict with him, but..."

"He won't. My brother knows it's a special time now. All he cares about is Melissa. The most important thing now is that you should be generous. Don't quarrel with him."

What Wendy said made sense. Ben felt wronged, but after she said it, he was speechless.

"Humph, you are a man. No, you are always haggling over everything like a woman. What makes you feel wronged? "After saying that, Wendy smiled complacently. Seeing that she was laughing happily, Ben pulled a long face and said, "Then you'd better go home!"

Seeing that Ben was really unhappy, Wendy immediately stopped and said, "I'm just kidding. I'm going to bed now, but you can't lie to me again and again. Besides, don't lock the door. Now I'm ready. The key... I have plenty of them. If you think it's interesting to lock them, you can lock them. "

After making a face at Ben, Wendy turned around and went upstairs. Seeing her figure disappear in front of him, Ben breathed a sigh of relief.

Then he turned around slowly with a heavy face. At this time, Melissa stopped crying, but her body was still trembling. Seeing that Melissa was afraid, Ben's heart trembled slightly. He couldn't help but walk forward, stood beside Brody and said seriously, "How is it?"

With a worried look on his face, Brody stopped what he was doing, looked at his face and said, "Nothing. I didn't find anything."

Hearing that, the expression on Ben's face changed slightly. He looked at Brody seriously and said, "Bob shouldn't be

t a scattered thing.

Bob was really a very difficult enemy to deal with. When Brody was distracted, Ben suddenly said indifferently, "Bob, that person is extremely cruel. He has always regarded human life as a matter of grass. As long as it is someone who blocks his way, and in order to remove the root, he will definitely try his best to kill them, no matter men, women, old or young, including this cute child. He said he would definitely be there if he installed the bomb on Melissa. "

Brody looked at Ben in a daze. The confusion in his eyes deepened. "But I really didn't."

"Think about it carefully. If Bob didn't put a bomb in it, why did she say that she lied to the gem for no reason? I really don't believe that Bob can use such a low-level method to make sure everything is all right. "

Hearing what Ben said, Brody suddenly had a feeling of enlightenment. He looked up at Ben suddenly and said seriously, "Then Bob should not be a lie, but now, there is really no such thing in Melissa."

Without saying anything, Ben looked at Melissa and said in a low voice, "Melissa, what happened? You will make mom worry about you."

Tears welled up in Melissa's eyes as she looked at Ben. She said stubbornly, "Melissa doesn't want to go to the hospital, but Melissa insists. It hurts..."

"You went to the hospital?" Hearing that, Ben trembled all over.

Staring at Melissa's face, Brody nodded and said, "But I still left."

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