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   Chapter 311 (Part Three)

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Under the watchful eyes of Wendy, Brody took Wendy's hand and clenched his fists. Looking at him nervously, Ben withdrew his hand subconsciously. But when he was relieved, he lifted her horizontally. He screamed, "Ben!" She whispered softly," It's too cold. Be careful not to catch a cold.".

Brody was in a towering rage. With a big stride, Ben soon walked into the room. Behind him, Brody was both angry and angry. He strode to catch up with him, and Ben put Wendy on the sofa. Brody rushed in angrily and was about to settle accounts with Ben. Melissa on the other side of the sofa attracted his attention, and his anger turned into worry in an instant.

At this moment, Melissa was sitting on the sofa and tearing her clothes with anger. It seemed that she wanted to find something from the clothes. At this time, her face was extremely pale and terrible, and her whole body seemed to be weak and feeble. She looked for a long time, but did not find it. At last, she was anxious to cry. Ben stood beside Wendy. Brody was very strange. How could a child not be able to find it? She turned to her father for help, but Ben was so indifferent at this time. He walked up, walked over and bent over.

Melissa raised her head and looked at Brody with grievance. She finally burst into tears, which made him a little confused. He held her in his arms and comforted her, "Melissa, don't be afraid. Be brave!"

Melissa sobbed, "Dad, it's so terrible, so terrible..."

Brody sighed. Somehow, his heart ached as if it had been torn apart. He held Melissa in his arms and didn't say anything, letting her cry. When he saw this scene, he couldn't help but raise his head and provocatively looked at her. He said meaningfully, "Ben, won't you feel sorry for her? Look at her. She is crying so sadly. Besides, she might really have that terrible thing with her now. "

Ben saw through Wendy's intention at once. He lowered his face and stared at her with a threatening look. Wendy looked at him triumphantly. This time, Ben was even more angry. He bent over and whispered in her ear, "Your brother wants you to go home now."

Hearing Ben's words, Wendy stopped talking obediently, but she still stared at him and told him with her eyes, "Let's go. I will never come back to this damned place like you. Do you think I'm willing to scold you?"

Wendy was just joking, but as he spoke, he unconsciously became serious, and his eyes were burning with anger. Seeing that she was really angry, Ben smiled and coaxed, "Have you slept enough? Wendy, go to bed now! "

This time, Brody heard what he said in a low voice. Although Brody was furious, he didn't pay attention to Ben. He stared at him. Wendy wouldn't be deceived by Ben now. Hi

ound it herself.

"Go home now!" Brody ordered in an irresistible tone. When Wendy raised her head secretly, she saw a determined face. At last, she changed from pretending to cry to crying, heartbroken. Yes.

After crying for a while, no one paid attention to her. Wendy angrily turned around and was about to run out. But at the last second, Ben blocked her way. Then, Wendy bumped into Ben's arms. Seeing this, Ben was even more furious. Brody roared, "Let go of her!"

Hearing that, Wendy cried even harder. Both of them strode forward and rudely pulled her. Brody didn't believe that he couldn't teach this Wendy any more. At the same time, he subconsciously pulled her into his arms. The three men began to pull her. "It hurts. Let go of me. I'll go back myself!"

Wendy was about to leave. Regardless of her pain, Ben exerted more strength. And the more furious he was, the more furious he was. Finally, he burst into tears. "I've told you, it's really painful. Let go of me! "

Seeing that Wendy was crying so sadly. Both of them were stunned for a moment. This time, Melissa began to cry loudly. As soon as Brody heard this, he rushed over in a hurry and comforted her. Ben held Wendy in his arms and comforted her, "I told you not to cry. Keep crying!"

Hearing this, Wendy stopped talking. Ben coaxed in a low voice, "Listen to me. Go upstairs and sleep now!"

Wendy stared at Ben angrily. She just ignored her? It was all his fault. Seeing that she was not reconciled, Ben finally had no choice but to coax her, "Well, silly girl, don't cry. Look at what you have done. What should we do if you cry so sadly now? Melissa is already afraid of such a little child."

Wendy still looked at Ben unwillingly. He wiped her tears and said, "Listen to me. It's a matter of life and death, not a game."

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