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   Chapter 308 (Part Three)

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The eyes of Ben were still calm. He stared at Bob's face and winked at Alice. Alice walked out. With a serious look in his eyes, he said indifferently, "Do you want to talk about business at my home? If there is anything, let's go out and talk about now."

"I'll use your place for the time being. I won't stay too long. That's what I should say. Ben, you won't let me wait too long. I believe you'll give me the answer in two minutes!"

Alice came in with a sound sleep in her arms. Then, she stood up from the sofa and walked towards the door. When Ben saw the sound, his face changed greatly, but, he quickly regained his composure. Now... Still at home, he felt lucky that he had coaxed Wendy. If Wendy asked him to make trouble again, he would really mess up.

Then Bob walked over to Alice, took Melissa from her arms, took off her shoes and pinched the sole of her feet. Melissa woke up soon. She looked around blankly, and her face was deathly pale. Ben glared at Bob angrily and said, "Bob, even if you are self-centered, she is just a child!"

"Don't try to fool me. Ben, you know I'm not a philanthropist. This little girl is fine now. You should feel lucky. If it were another child, I might not have saved her life until now, and. If it weren't for the gemstones, I wouldn't have played this kind of game with you. Kidnapping, hostages, such a small game, Ben, now I'll give you a chance to think about it. Do you want the two gemstones that are no longer meaningful to you, or your daughter? "

"She is not my daughter!"

"Of course I know. She is not your daughter, but I don't believe that you will be so cruel. What's more, if something happens to the little girl in my arms, how can you explain it to Tracy?"

With an indifferent look on his face, Ben continued, "I've already found a new boyfriend. It has nothing to do with Tracy. She is already someone else's wife!"

"So you really don't care about the child's life or death?"

Ben looked at him calmly and smiled cruelly. Bob lowered his head and looked at the pale face. "Did you hear that? Little guy, this is your father! ".

Melissa was so tired that her whole body was soft and she had no strength at all. She didn't even have a clear consciousness. It was not until she was pushed to the ground by Bob that Melissa seemed to wake up from her dream. When she saw Ben, she screamed happily, "Dad!"

The look on his face softened a little. When Ben saw that Melissa was about to run over, he couldn't help but feel a little nervous. When he was about to scold her for standing still, Melissa had already appeared in front of him. In a cold voice of hatred, he said," Don't worry, Bob The thing I installed in her clothes is fixed at a certain time. It won'

ched his back. He had no choice. At least now, he had fought for three days with Melissa and Tracy. Bob wouldn't let it happen!

As soon as the door was opened, the door was tightly blocked, and the muzzle of the gun was against his head. His face changed, and he subconsciously tightened the box under his armpit. Brody's expression was cold, like the satan from hell, exuding a dangerous aura. At the same time, he took a step back subconsciously. Obviously, he was shocked by the coldness of Brody.

"Where are you going?"

"Now that we are all here, it's okay for us to have a talk, but I still mind. You can listen to what Ben will tell you first, Brody. In fact, the three of us didn't have any deep hatred at first. In the past, we could only have some grudges. As a man, that kind of grudge was not a big deal, but now... Different, you block my plan again and again, now the resentment has become a feud, we three can now be said to be new feud old account, but I still want to say first, now this time period, is really not the time to settle accounts, want to settle accounts, have to change!

With his cold eyes sweeping across the face of hatred, Bob said irresistibly, "Take off the things from the child!"

"I'm under your control now. Go get it yourself!" Bob said coldly.

Brody smiled cruelly, "Do you really take me as a fool? You installed it, so only you know the mystery inside. I don't give you much time. Think about it yourself! "

"Now that you know the bomb is complicated, you should know how dangerous that little girl is now. Do you really think you can control me now?"

Brody's face became more and more dangerous. "I'll say one more word. Take it off, or I'll shoot you to death. You won't even be able to survive, let alone the gem!"

"Ha ha, I didn't expect you to be so stupid!"

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