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   Chapter 306 (Part One)

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In the following few days, it seemed that Brody was busier than before, so he didn't have time to disturb Tracy. On the other hand, Tracy had been extremely anxious all the time. Although Brody had told Tracy repeatedly that everything was fine, she was still uneasy. Sometimes she would have nightmares at midnight.

One day, Tracy tossed and turned until three o'clock in the morning. As soon as she fell asleep, she was suddenly woken up. Then she saw that the serious looking Brody was standing at the head of her bed. She was shocked.

Seeing that she had woken up, Brody was a little worried, but at last, he said calmly, "Tracy, sleep well. Don't think too much. I'm too busy!"

After saying that, Brody was about to leave. Tracy was in a daze for a long time before she completely came to her senses. By the time she came to her senses, Brody had already walked to the door. She sat up and opened her mouth, but in the end, she said nothing. Tracy continued to lie down, but she couldn't fall asleep. Now she began to regret that she hadn't stopped him just now. His face just now… Something was wrong.

In the dark bedroom, after the door was opened, a head came in. Then, with a smile on her face, she tiptoed to the bedside and climbed on it. The bed, naughtily drilled her body into the quilt. Ben in sleep was suddenly shocked, and his eyes suddenly opened. He stared blankly at the little woman who climbed into his bed.

When Wendy saw that Ben opened his eyes, she smiled at him awkwardly and grabbed his quilt rudely, intending to get in. Ben was still sleepy, and when Wendy lifted his quilt and was about to get in, he was completely awake.

He frowned and stared at her face helplessly. He said in a low voice, "Why don't you sleep in the middle of the night? Why do you come to my bed?"

Wendy smiled naughtily, "Go to bed!"

Ben was speechless at the banquet. Wendy put on her pajamas and rudely went into his quilt. Ben was totally awake because of her. He looked at her helplessly and said, "Wendy..."

After she got into his quilt, Ben held her in his arms. With a smile on his lips, Wendy raised her head and blinked her lovel

m not going to the hospital. I'm a doctor and I know what I'm doing!"

After that, Ben turned around and pressed her under his body. In a panic, Wendy looked at him and said, "Don't do that. I just want to come over and sleep."

"Sleep? Can't you sleep on your own bed? Wendy, you are a girl after all, so there are a lot of ways to invite people. " Ben's words were direct, but Wendy was angry and his face turned red. He shouted at Ben, "A few times ago, it was still the same. You won't have a bad idea. If you had a bad idea once in the past, I wouldn't have come. Don't be naughty, Ben. I really have a bone pain. It's not as bad as I said, but maybe I'm really tired. It's really painful! "

Without saying a word, Ben kissed her on the forehead, on her cheek, and then down. With a crooked eyebrow, Wendy pushed Ben hard. Just when she was at a loss, his phone on the bedside rang. Wendy almost cheered up as if she had met her savior. In fact, every time when Ben answered the phone at this time, something must have happened, and today was no exception. If he left, she could sleep in his room for a whole day. Ben took the phone in his hand. However, when he saw the caller ID, he suddenly became exceptionally serious, and Wendy, who had been immersed in excitement all the time. She didn't realize this. Her hands were tight, and she grabbed the quilt greedily. Then she wrapped herself tightly, greedily smelling his breath.

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