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   Chapter 305 (Part Three)

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However, Brody's action seemed to be too heavy. The woman on the bed seemed to feel something frowning and opened her eyes. When their four eyes touched, Tracy opened her eyes wide as if she was awake and looked at him. She had been sleeping very restlessly. When she was half asleep and half awake, the scene that had just happened appeared in front of her eyes appeared again in front of her.

Brody's big hand froze for a moment, and then slowly put it down. Tracy looked at him in a daze. After they calmly looked at each other for dozens of seconds, Brody said in a deep voice, "Go to sleep. You have eaten so much at night. Your stomach should be uncomfortable again."

Tracy didn't say anything. Her eyes blinked involuntarily. Then, Brody bent over and covered her with the quilt again. He said in a low voice," It's okay. Go to sleep!"

His tone was unusually calm, but Tracy could clearly feel a sense of fatigue. At this time, she could only see a kind of decadence on his face. She had never seen Brody so exhausted before.

Brody gave her a last glance, turned around and left.

"You..." Tracy sat up abruptly and reached out her hand involuntarily.

When Brody felt the coldness from her hand, he was stunned. The coldness from her little hand was so deep in his heart that he smiled. Tracy let go of his hand and said in a low voice, "Have a rest!"

Brody turned around with a smile. He couldn't suppress the excitement in his heart and bent over. He put his lips on her forehead and said, "No, thanks. As long as you don't make trouble."

Tracy pushed him away and lay down indifferently. With a smile on his face, Brody tucked her in. At last, Brody didn't want to leave a gentle kiss on her forehead. Tracy stared at him in disgust and smiled helplessly. "Speak if you feel uncomfortable in your stomach!"

"Shut up!" Tracy stared at him.

Did he just want her to have a stomachache? How could it be so accurate every time.

"Okay, I won't tell you. Go to sleep!" Brody didn't want to leave until he finished his words.

Time went back to a few hours ago.

At the dining table of the restaurant, both of them were holding their cheeks and staring blankly. However, a little guy next to Wendy was sneaky and restless. He would pretend to be absent-minded with his chin on his hands, but when she saw that Wendy was really absent-minded, his black eyes were motionless and greedily stared at the delicious dishes on the table.

Taking a stealthy glance at the absent-minded Wendy beside, Alston picked up his chopsticks, and then the loud noise woke up the absent-minded man. Alston was caught right there. When he saw that Wendy pulled a long face, Alston looked at her pitifully and said, "Beautiful sister, I want to eat. Daddy won't come back. Mommy used to cook and wait for daddy to eat, but every time daddy comes, he won't come. "

"Will your father cook for your mother?"

Alston shook his head in confusion. "Why do you ask? But I can tell you that dad seldom cooks for mom. Mom usually cooks for Dad!"

Wendy was shocked, "It's impossible, kid. You must be lying to me!"

Ben could cook. He even cook

e you?"

Ben said, "Stop it. The child is still here!"

Wendy put the dishes back to where they were, grabbed his arm and complained, "Why did you turn off your phone? And you have turned off your phone. How could you possibly get a call from another woman? "

With a smile, Ben said, "I'm just kidding. I'm so busy!"

Wendy glared at him and said, "I don't care. Anyway, it's your fault today!"

"Okay, it's my fault. Let me eat first!" Ben sat down and couldn't wait to pick up his chopsticks.

Wendy raised her head and glared at Alston, "Eat by yourself!"

"I want to tell mom that dad has a beautiful sister by his side!"

Wendy felt like vomiting blood, "You came by yourself..."

"I came here by myself, but it has nothing to do with my father. That uncle just told Alston that I could come to see a beautiful sick sister. I didn't expect to meet a missing father here!"

Wendy was in the mood to argue with Alston, who always liked to make trouble, but when he mentioned the word "sick", her heart twitched. If things went on like this, she had to return Alston to Charlie, or her brother. It was absolutely not a good thing for Alston to stay here for a long time. What if he said that Ben was suspicious?

"Alston, let's eat. I'll buy you cakes in the future!"

"I don't care. It's my sister's favorite cake!"

Seeing that Alston began to eat, Wendy didn't argue with him. Subconsciously, she looked at the face of Ben. At this time, Ben looked calm, but he was eating himself with relish. Then Wendy breathed a sigh of relief.

"Is it delicious?" Wendy sat down naughtily, pulled her chin and looked at Ben with a smile.

Raising his head, Ben rubbed her head and said, "No talking while eating!"

"Well, you just don't admit it. You just don't admit it. In fact, I am better than you!"

Raising his head, Ben looked at her seriously and said, "Why can't I admit it? Next time, you cook for me. I've served you for more than two years!"

"Well, I can do whatever I want!" Wendy asked, rolling his eyes. But cooking for him was indeed a more enjoyable thing.

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