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   Chapter 304 (Part Two)

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Melissa snorted and turned her head, "No, I don't believe it. I don't believe anything. In the past, I was diagnosed with leukemia because of the equipment mistake. It was not taught by my mother. I knew it by myself. Moreover, at that time, Melissa scared my mother and cried every day. Melissa wouldn't come to the hospital with you for examination. Even if Melissa died of illness, I wouldn't go to the hospital with you. I believe in any hospital. What's more, Melissa is not sick at all now. "

Hearing what she said, Bob didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. How should he comment on this little girl? Thousands of patients in the hospital would make mistakes, let alone the machine and machine. Although it sounded a little excessive, it was not an unforgivable mistake. Now, this little guy hated this hospital so much. No, no, at that time, Melissa was definitely not examined in this hospital. This little girl seemed to be rightSome doctors in some hospitals gnashed their teeth.

"No, I want to go home. I won't go to the hospital with you."

"Don't you want to eat cream cake now? If you go to a hospital checking the body, I will take you to buy the cake now, and now I have to remind you, your mother didn't take you to the hospital, it is because you have a family doctor, so, every time is give you secretly made a check, but, you are in my here but there is no doctor, one thousand you get ill, in a hurry but you mom, but now you want to."

Melissa shook her head firmly and said, "No, No. I won't go. When I get home, I will ask my father for money and buy myself food secretly. Let go of me. I don't want to go to the hospital."

Bob was at a loss. She had promised him well, hadn't she? Children were really capricious, especially the children of Tracy. Now he suddenly wanted to put this little girl back. Didn't Ben have two children? He thought he should have kidnapped that boy. Women were troublesome.

"I feed you cream every day. Isn't that enough? If you go back, your father may not give you money. "

"Oh, you are wrong. It's not my father. It's my second father. He has a lot of m

e sent to jail by Brody. It was not only a deep prison, but also a matter of life.

Bob was so angry that he leaned against the seat.

Everything was quiet, and the night grew darker.

In the dark bedroom, the door was pushed open, and the little figure sitting in front of the window by the moonlight could be seen, as she had been years ago, crying bitterly, then sobbing helplessly in front of the window of the floor, until she was tired of crying. There were only two places where she wept, one under the big fruit tree in the garden and the other before the window.

She was like a stray cat that had been abandoned, pitifully throwing up her body helplessly. The scene stung his heart. Many years ago, she was still by his side, so Brody would be sad when he saw her cry, but he had never felt such an unforgettable pain. Now, because she was too far away from him, he was afraidMost of the time, he was afraid. He was afraid that she would leave him. Now, he deeply understood the meaning of a saying, "Only after losing can you know the preciousness of losing."

He walked up to her gently, frowned, endured the pain in the bottom of his heart and picked her up directly. Then he gently put her on the bed and covered her with the quilt. He knew that the bedroom was very warm, but as if he was afraid that she would catch a cold, he still wrapped her tightly with the quilt, only revealing her head.

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