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   Chapter 301 (Part Two)

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Tracy stayed at Brody's house for a week or seven days. She had a good time, which was totally different from her previous reaction. If it was in the past, she would definitely go on hunger strike. She wouldn't eat or drink and would just sleep. But now... Tracy was not the childish little girl four years ago. She would only suffer from injustice in her belly. Besides, there were so many delicious food here. She didn't eat anything for free, but she was very well served by Brody. However, she was still unwilling to talk to him. They just quarreled with each other.

One day at dinner, Tracy sat at the table for an hour. In fact, she also had dinner for an hour. Anyway, she felt bored, so she decided to eat. When her stomach was full, she wanted to eat fish soup. In fact, she had had some fish soup before. When the spoon in Tracy's hand touched the fish soup, a big hand reached out and the fish soup was taken away.

Tracy was stunned. Then, when she found out who it was, her face was full of anger. Putting the fish soup aside, Brody grabbed the spoon in her hand speechlessly and said, "You eat irregular like this. You will get sick sooner or later. You haven't eaten anything at noon, right! People who don't know will say that I mistreated you and made you hungry! "

A half smiling voice rang over Tracy's head, and the spoon was taken away. She glared at him angrily, "I'm not full yet!"

With a darkened face, Brody didn't say anything. Instead, he poured her a glass of water and said, "My stomach is not feeling well again."

Tracy turned her head and said, "It's none of your business. Give me the fish soup!"

"No, I won't."Said Brody with a frown.

Tracy stood up and said indifferently, "Forget it. I won't drink anymore!"

Frowning, Brody pushed Tracy back to the chair and said, "Drink some water first!"

She sat still and ignored him. Looking at her dangerously, Brody asked, "Drink it or not?"

Tracy stared at him and said, "I don't want to drink it!"

Without any hesitation, Brody picked up the cup and drank the water. He was about to bend over. Seeing this, Tracy quickly picked up the c

the door open and walked in.

Brody had already lost his focus on his work the moment she appeared. When she pushed the door open and came in, he lazily leaned back on the chair and stared at her with a faint smile in his black eyes, as if he was very interested in her intrusion.

Tracy strode to his desk and glanced at the things on it. At this moment, she finally understood that Brody was busy all night. If she recalled carefully what she tore up last time, Tracy would remember that even these words were written exactly the same.

In fact, Tracy really doubted whether Brody was a robot or not? How could he remember so well what he had seen.

"Why don't you sleep? What do you want?" He looked at her and said lightly.

Tracy cast a cold glance at him and turned around to leave. Stunned for a moment, Brody immediately stood up and lifted her up. She just broke in and wanted to go out like this?

By the time Tracy came to her senses, she found that Brody had already sat on the chair with her in his arms. As soon as she realized what had happened, she began to scream and struggle, "Shame on you! Let go of me!" She knew it would be like this. Every time, he would try to take advantage of her.

Brody let her sit on his laps and stopped her from struggling. He bent down and put his forehead against hers. He said confidently, "You came in to disturb me. Seduce me. Don't let me hug you like this!"

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