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   Chapter 300 (Part One)

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Ben said, "I guessed."

He stroked her cheek and comforted her, "It's not your fault. Don't be sad."

"Then why did you say that to me?" Hearing that, Ben was stunned for a while. Why did he say that to her? Because he had to admit that Charlie had lost his virginity the moment Charlie came. He would not give him any chance and would never let him get what he wanted.

Charlie wanted to sabotage the relationship between him and Wendy, but he wouldn't give Charlie the chance. Therefore, it was better for him to tell Charlie the truth directly.

Noticing that he was absent-minded, Wendy grabbed his ears unhappily. When Ben came to his senses, he pushed her hands away and said, "Don't ask so much. Alston needs someone to take care of him now. He is too naughty."

"Are you kidding me?"

"Yes, this is Alston. You haven't seen how naughty Melissa is." Ben said with a smile.

Wendy's eyes lit up, "Then who on earth do you think Melissa and Alston are like? Why is she so naughty?"

Ben couldn't help laughing. He poked her forehead dotingly and said, "I don't know what you are thinking about, but I'm sure that Tracy is not as naughty as you."

After all, she just wanted to show off in front of him as his aunt?

"She looks like me. I've met her before!" Wendy raised her head and looked at him with her lovely eyes. Ben nodded helplessly, "Okay, like you!"

With a cunning look on her face, Wendy said, "Then tell me, are Melissa and Alston the children of my brother and sister-in-law?"

Hearing that, Ben was stunned for a while. He suddenly found that he was getting smarter and smarter. No, Wendy was not smart at all. She was as cunning as a fox. Wendy pretended to be innocent and looked at Ben's stunned face. Wendy muttered, "I knew it. If the two children have nothing to do with me, how could they look like me so much? Yes, I didn't say that, especially Alston. That naughty and smart girl. "

Looking at her cunning but innocent look, Ben didn't know what to say. Finally, he could only say under her pressure, "It's your brother's child, but don't let him know!"

Wendy was confused, "Then why? Why can't he know my brother's child? " Seeing that

fe and a good mother. When she was at Wendy's age, she was not as troublesome as Tracy. Taking the current cooking as an example, Tracy had never been in such a situation. During the dinner, it was Tracy who cooked for Ben most of the time.

"You peeped at me through the crack of the door. I'm not kidding. I've really learned from a chef. I don't know how to cook, so even if I can't name the dishes, it doesn't mean that I can't cook!" Wendy said angrily, with her eyes wide open.

Ben didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. He stared at her angry face and said, "Nonsense!"

"What nonsense? I'll show you today, but you have to find some tonight!"

"Forget it. I'm more willing to eat my own food!"

Ben doubted that he would be fooled by Wendy. If he asked Wendy to cook, the good vegetables would definitely be ruined by her. Wendy frowned and pulled a long face. "Ben, when I finish the dinner, don't eat. I will only cook for me and Alston!"

After saying that, Wendy walked past him angrily and strode away. Without looking back, Ben said indifferently, "You are a top student graduated from Harvard University. Why do you buy vegetables with pictures? Won't those aunts laugh at you?"

Wendy clenched her teeth and crumpled the paper in her hand. She cooked for him out of kindness, but he made fun of her like this. Noticing her back, Ben smiled and strode out. When she rushed over angrily, the cold door was blocked in front of her.

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