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   Chapter 298 (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-06-23 00:12

Hearing the endless questions, Ben was speechless. He poked at his forehead helplessly and said, "Why do you have so many evil reasons?"

Wendy glared at Ben angrily, "You always poke me on the forehead. What I said is true, not some evil reason."

"The reason why others don't go to college is that they don't need to go to college at all. You graduated from Harvard University. It's good, but what else can you do except being your daughter?"

"You underestimated me. I know you are smart. You don't need to go to college, but you don't have to find such a crack in the door. Look at you from the inside. Now I feel that you are just like my sister-in-law who likes to look down upon people. She said that I can't make money."

"I'm telling the truth." Staring at her indignant face, Ben said.

Seeing that Ben was a little annoyed, Wendy simply said, "Aren't you going to work? Go ahead. Alston and I won't be alone. "

Wendy kindly reminded Ben to pick up Alston at home.

Ben said, staring at Wendy the same way Wendy looked a few minutes ago. "Ben, no, do you have something to tell me?"

With a dark face, Ben said, "You'd better call my name directly."

Wendy stuck out her tongue at Ben and said, "Ben!"

Hearing that, Ben was even more embarrassed. This time, Wendy corrected her question, "Ben."

The look on Ben's face became more and more gloomy, while the man on his forehead asked intoxicatedly, "Wow, that's good. A person has so many names. Ben, you can call each other by two names. Ben, if you don't allow me to call you, it's your fault. I remember that my sister-in-law called you Ben. She called you Ben. You won't be angry. I remember that she called you Ben. I just gave you two names of four. It's unfair to me if you keep struggling. "

With a frown, Ben said helplessly, "Why are you so talkative?"

"Why don't you say anything? Tell me, what do you want to say to me?"

With a bitter smile on his face, Ben suddenly became particularly serious. "Do you know the purpose of Charlie's coming today?"

Wendy said indifferently, "I know. I'm here to give you Alston, right? Charlie is a womanizer, so he has some problems with his way of doing things. Although he came here to let Alston pl

Puzzled, Ben looked at her and continued, "I didn't know it long ago, and my brother didn't tell me that you were the murderer of my sister. My brother just persuaded me not to be with you. He said it was just a suspicion. When he really knew that you killed my sister, it was when I was abroad. At that time, maybe it was because he grew upI know a lot. So I have to believe some facts. After you and my sister-in-law left, I completely understood. I looked for my brother and I confirmed that you were the murderer of my sister. "

Ben rolled, with an apologetic and self reproach on its face. It looked at her sadly and said, "I'm sorry, Wendy!"

"Ben, although I don't get along well with my sister, she is my family. I love her very much. Do you know? When I know that she died at the age of time, and I cry out too many times, I have been in remorse, complaining all the time, I really good cruel, elder sister so beautiful, so a beauty of wen wan, how can have so heavy, I have always been the heart of the small, thought that my sister heart hidden too deep, don't get along with her, even, sometimes when I want her to go to care about me, I will be she scolded, after her death, I really regret, regret... I thought at that time, it was my most sad time, but I was wrong, no, sister's death let me depressed for a month, and then when I know, you are really killing my sister's murderer, you know how I came over? Four years... You are with another woman, but what about me? "

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