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   Chapter 296 (Part Three)

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Hearing that, Ben frowned dangerously. Charlie immediately changed his words, "Oh, I'm sorry. It's my fault. In fact, I love Linda most. It turns out that you know. I thought you didn't know!"

"What the hell are you talking about? Don't think I don't know that you like my sister-in-law. Now you see my sister-in-law with my brother. So you lost your hope and turned to me, Charlie. What's your purpose? "

The corners of Charlie's mouth froze all of a sudden. He smiled awkwardly at Wendy and said, "Wendy, you won't be so mean, will you? I just kissed your lips, but he didn't take much advantage of me!"

Charlie looked at Ben with grievance. When Wendy was about to drive Charlie out, he suddenly said, "I've told him everything..."

A sharp pain flashed across Wendy's face. She lowered her eyes and didn't want to argue with Charlie anymore. She was wrong. He broke his promise and did such a thing to her. It was an insult.

Regardless of his warning, Charlie continued, "Those two cute children are obviously Brody's. Now I advise you to take care of yourself! "

After saying that, Charlie turned around and left, while Wendy was stunned and delighted. Child? The baby was her brother's? is that true? And what Charlie just said was. She had thought that Charlie was talking about her illness, but now it seemed that he didn't tell Ben at all.

Wendy was overjoyed. She turned to look at Ben and said, "Is what Charlie said true? Why don't you tell me that I'm their aunt? What a lovely child... "

Wendy was too excited to say a word. She really didn't know how to describe her mood now. The child was not Ben, which was great news.

On the one hand. Ben didn't have a child with Tracy at all. On the other hand, her brother. She had already had a boy and a girl twins.

"Why didn't you tell me that these two cute children are my brother's? Ben, you are too selfish. That's good. You have no child with Tracy! "

Ben stared at Wendy and asked silently. "What's wrong? Did I say something wrong? But you really have no child with my sister-in-law. Why did you lie to me? I finally remember. Last time, you said the child was yours, you and my sister-in-law's, but my sister-

or work. I won't disturb you. You can go now! "

After saying that, Wendy lowered her head without any confidence. Suddenly, Ben pulled her into his arms, and then... His fingers slowly touched her lips.

Wendy asked in a daze. She could feel the huge pressure from above her head. At first, Ben touched her lips back and forth with his finger pulp. Touching her, Wendy pushed him away in fear. "You won't be so mean, will you? Don't get me wrong. Charlie is really just..."

"But what?" Ben said angrily.

"I just kissed my lips, and... And... No... He has not gone too far! "

Under the pressure of her head, Wendy tried her best to finish her words. However, as expected, the anger of Ben was burning more fiercely. When Wendy was about to raise her head to explain to him, Ben roared, "his hands are all in your clothes."

"Well..." Wendy was stunned. She couldn't say a word.

The look on Ben's face became more and more dangerous, and Wendy seemed to have sensed something. She raised her head sensitively and looked at him, and then Ben's fingers began to poke her lips back and forth.

Wendy frowned in pain. It was Charlie who learned to be shameless, not her on purpose. This bastard, she was frivolous. He was not looking for that man, but to get even with her.

"Ben. Enough! Enough! It hurts... "

Wendy kept shouting. With a cold face, Ben continued to poke her lips with his fingers, as if he was not willing to leave her skin poked.

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