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   Chapter 295 (Part Two)

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 7416

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"What's wrong with you two? I thought you had already left! " With her eyes wide open, Wendy looked at Charlie up and down while talking.

Charlie didn't answer. Wendy was speechless and could only look at the face of Ben. Wendy was almost scared, and the face of Ben was even worse at the moment. In order to ease the atmosphere, Wendy pulled Ben's arm and said, "Aren't you going to leave? Why are you still here? Go to work! "

After taking a glance at Wendy silently, Ben turned to look at Charlie coldly. Charlie frowned and finally looked at Wendy.

"Wendy, you can't be with him!" Charlie said directly.

Wendy's face froze, and the look on Ben's face became more and more terrible. If it weren't for the fact that he was holding his arm tightly, he would have punched Charlie in the face again. It seemed that Charlie would not be willing to make trouble here today.

Noticing the expression on his face, Wendy held Ben's wrist tighter. Finally, Wendy looked at Charlie in silence and said, "Charlie... I know, but... I... Oh, Charlie, what do you want me to say? You know my brother won't support me to be with him, but don't make trouble for me, okay? "

Wendy still didn't understand why Charlie came to her. Why did he give her a child for no reason? She didn't think that Charlie's purpose was so simple.

Charlie didn't say anything. He just stared at Wendy with a meaningful look. The threat in his eyes became more and more obvious. Maybe, Ben didn't understand Charlie's eyes at all, but Wendy could understand his eyes.

Wendy looked lonely, but she still looked at Charlie with a smile and joked, "Charlie, you are just a devil. You still want to be my brother. You know that my brother won't agree. What you need to do now is to help me persuade my brother, not to come here to stop me!"

The threat in Charlie's eyes became more and more obvious, and Wendy became more and more flustered. She was almost exposed by Alston just now. Although Charlie had helped her at that time, now it seemed that he was going to go back on his words.

All of a sudden, Wendy walked over and looked at Charlie with her back to him. He didn't really tell what had happened to Ben, did he? Looking at th

she felt dizzy. When she was about to scream out of fear, her soft lips were blocked tightly.

Wendy was shocked and stunned. Charlie held her waist and pressed the back of her head. The kiss deepened. Wendy was too shocked to say a word. When she realized what had happened. She began to struggle violently, as if she was afraid that Ben would misunderstand her. Charlie held Wendy tightly and kissed her endlessly. No matter how hard she struggled, he wouldn't let her go.

Wendy became more and more helpless. At this time, the face of Ben had turned livid, and his clenched fists seemed to be about to hit Charlie at any time. He gritted his teeth and threatened, "Let her go!"

Charlie let go of Wendy's lips and put his hand into her collar. Wendy was frightened by the sudden change. She was so frightened that tears fell down. "Charlie, how can you do this? I'm your sister! Not the women around you. "

Wendy was crying helplessly. All of a sudden, Ben was pulled into his arms. During the process, Charlie didn't stop him. He held the frightened Wendy tightly in his arms and stared at him with tearing eyes.

What Charlie did surprised Wendy. She was so scared that she could only hide in the arms of Ben. The cold eyes of Ben were fixed on him, while Charlie looked at him complacently and said, "I have told you that you can't be with Wendy for any reason. Besides, I haven't told you yet. I haven't told you since I was a child. Why do you keep asking? "

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