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   Chapter 294 (Part One)

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Staring at Charlie, Ben said calmly, "What do you want to say?" Although he looked calm, he was still shocked by Charlie's words. Charlie said that the child. What did he mean?

Staring coldly at what Ben had just said, Charlie said, "The father of the child is very intimate, and this father should be very kind, but... Don't you feel wronged to be the father of your enemy's child? "

Ben's eyebrows twitched, and his eyes became colder and colder in an instant. "Don't tell me that you are here to meddle in other people's business."

Soon, the expression on Ben's face became calm. Charlie looked at him with disdain."

I'm here to mind my own business! "

"Charlie!" Ben emphasized. With a serious look on his face, Charlie said defiantly, "Ben, you know I'm always straightforward, so... I'm just here to tell you. First, you have killed Linda, so it's impossible for Wendy to be with you. Let me guess. She certainly doesn't know that the man she loves is actually a murderer, no, or an escaped person from evil. Do you dare to tell her the truth? "

The expression on Ben's face changed, and there was a touch of residual grace in his eyes. Looking at Charlie's eyes, his eyes were still calm. "Charlie, what about me and her? It seems that you are too broad-minded. Even if it's the turn of Brody, it's none of your business!"

With a sneer, Charlie said, "No, I'm a doctor. That's all I can tell you now. You can't be with Wendy!" After saying that, Charlie looked at Ben with a meaningful look.

Although Ben didn't understand what Charlie meant, he was still a little suspicious. Expressionless, Ben raised his wrist and looked at his watch before saying, "Thank you for your concern. I'm very good with Wendy, and you don't need to worry about me. Now I have something urgent to deal with. Please help yourself!"

After Ben finished his words, he reached out his hand and motioned for Charlie to make way for him. But Charlie didn't get out of the way. Instead, he strode into the door. With his eyelids sweeping down, Charlie stood in front of her arrogantly. With a serious face, Ben blurted out, "Charlie, do you know what you loo

er sent her to the hospital, I was the first person to know that Tracy was pregnant, no, actually not. Besides, she was pregnant with opposite sex twins at that time! "

In fact, Charlie said that on purpose. He just heard it from Elsa.

It was just the news that Hannah said Tracy was pregnant. It was ridiculous that he was still in the hospital when Tracy went to the hospital. He just wanted to see how good he could be to the child of his enemy, a murderer who killed a woman.

Ben gnashed his teeth and stared at Charlie. This time, he couldn't pretend to be calm any more. He clenched his fists and waved them at Charlie. But Charlie didn't dodge for a while and got a punch. He staggered backward and almost hit the bottom.

Charlie stood up and was about to fight back.


Wendy rushed out of a room with toys in high spirits. When she saw the tense scene, she was stunned. What happened to them?

Charlie stopped and finally put down his hand. He still stared at him with unwillingness. He told Ben with his eyes that the matter of the child couldn't be so simple.


Not to be outdone, Ben glared back at Charlie. Seeing that the situation was like fire and water, Wendy was almost frightened. She walked towards them in confusion and looked at their faces one after another. Both of them didn't look good, and it seemed that they were going to destroy each other. Wendy was even more confused.

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