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   Chapter 293 (Part Three)

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Ben couldn't help laughing and looked at her cute face. All of a sudden, he had a feeling that he didn't want to leave. Wendy had been angry, but when she thought that Ben really had something to do, her eyes suddenly lit up.

"Ben, I have a good way to make you keep your promise." All of a sudden, Wendy yelled, but Ben was speechless. He seemed to be a man of his word from the very beginning. Although he thought so, Ben still allowed her to go on.

"Ben, did you delay a lot of work this time?" Wendy's eyes lit up, while Ben frowned and said, "Have you thought of another way to punish me?"

Wendy smiled weirdly. Looking at the confused look on Ben's face, she finally explained to him, "Let me go to work. I can help you, so that I can see you every day."

As soon as Wendy finished her words, the frown between his eyebrows became tighter. Ben looked at Wendy and said seriously, "It's not a joke. Look at yourself. You are as old as a child."

Wendy looked at Ben seriously and said, "I'm not a child. I'm telling you the truth. Or, you can't trust me."

Ben frowned and tightened his lips. Could he say that he really didn't believe her? If she went there, it would be a help from a fool. The more she helped, the more trouble she would make.

"I'm serious. Just let me do it. If you don't believe me, let me start a new chapter. I'll try it for a day. If I can't compete with your other employees, I'll quit automatically. You don't need to fire me!"

Ben looked at her with amusement. Finally, he touched her head and said, "Stop it. Go and have a rest! If you listen to me, I will come to see you tonight, but if you don't listen to me... "

After Ben finished his words, he suddenly felt a little funny and annoying. Now he really treated Wendy as a child. But Wendy still didn't let go of him and said, "I'm not kidding you. Look at you. You haven't even finished your university yet. I'm a graduate."

Ben blurted out, "Then you only have one class a year and are still a graduate?"

"No, I didn't. at least, I had a lot of classes and learned a lot in the past two years."Said Wendy, wrongly.

Hearing that, Ben was stunned for a while. Then he realized what Wendy meant. He came to his senses and smiled, "Don't think that I don't know you are pretending to be good. More importantly, you are fooling me!"

Wendy's face suddenly became particularly serious. She looked at Ben seriously and said, "You can stop me from going to work, but you can't deny my hard work. In the past two years, I really studied hard for you, so I really don't want to mess around with you. I just want to see you more. You are so handsome."

Ben couldn't help holding her in her arms and whispered in her ear, "Thank you fo

ring Charlie's words, Wendy finally breathed a sigh of relief. And Alston looked at Charlie in confusion, but... There was something wrong with her face.

Seeing that Alston was about to speak again, Wendy pulled him over and said, "Alston, I'll take you to play. I have a lot of good things!"

"Really?" Alston's eyes lit up and he forgot what happened just now.

"Yes, a lot!"Wendy nodded repeatedly.

"Is there a gem? Mommy has a lot of gemstones! "

Wendy's question froze for a moment. Indeed, she didn't. But now, in order to persuade Alston, she still lied, "There are a lot of them. You can choose by yourself!"

After saying that, Wendy felt a little guilty, and Alston laughed happily. Wendy was even more speechless. She couldn't help but look at the sad face of Ben, "I have a lot of gems, which were bought for you by your father!"

As a matter of fact, Wendy knew that Ben could understand what she said. The gemstones were all bought for her by her brother. Tracy wanted the gemstones, but it seemed that Ben was a rooster. She was very stingy, and he had never bought them. She majored in jewelry design, so she liked gemstones more than Tracy.

"Then beautiful sister, take me to play!" Then Alston took Wendy's hand and left.

Seeing that Alston finally stopped talking about her illness, Wendy heaved a long sigh of relief. She couldn't wait to play with him.

Before Alston left, he said to Ben, "Dad, I'm going to play with pretty sister. When Dad can find mom, I'll go back with you."

Warren threatened. Ben smiled helplessly and said, "Okay, go ahead!"

When both of them disappeared, the smile at the corners of Ben's mouth gradually disappeared. Then he looked at Charlie coldly.

Looking coldly at the words of Ben, Charlie said, "This name is very close, and as a father..."

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