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   Chapter 256 (Part Two)

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 7349

Updated: 2020-06-02 00:13

Although she liked this strange house very much, she found that there was no her small room at all. At home. Her father had prepared everything for her, but there was nothing here.

Now that she had gotten what she wanted, she would lose everything? Melissa's .body climbed to the bed with difficulty. After lying down, she didn't forget to continue saying, "The bed is so highBut it seems to be more comfortable than home. I want to live here! "

Tracy had planned to carry Melissa behind her back, but when Melissa said this, Tracy almost broke out in a cold sweat. In fact, even if she didn't break out in a cold sweat now, she had been frightened to tremble with fear. If she continued to indulge Melissa like this, it was possible for her to live here for a long time!

Tracy turned her head and fell asleep in her pajamas. Melissa covered herself with the quilt and closed her eyes. At this time, her chubby little face looked particularly cute. Tracy couldn't help smiling. When she noticed that her eyelashes were blinking randomly, she was sure that Melissa hadn't fallen asleep yet.

"Melissa..." Tracy called her name patiently. When she was about to talk to her, a tall figure came over.

Melissa closed her eyes when she heard Tracy's words, but when she heard the footsteps, she immediately opened her eyes wide and stared at Brody with her bright eyes. Seeing this, Tracy was even more nervous!

Brody stood on the edge of the bed, bent over and put his arm on the bed. He looked at Melissa and said seriously, "Melissa, do you like here?"

"Yes, I do!" Melissa said with a smile.

Brody couldn't help pinching her face and said, "Okay, I'll live here from now on!"

Hearing this, Melissa was even more delighted. With a straight face, Brody changed the subject and said seriously, "Then, Melissa, can you sleep alone tonight?"

"Then where can I sleep?" Melissa widened her eyes and looked at him!

"Go to another room and sleep alone!" Brody said seriously. Melissa turned to look at Tracy subconsciously and said, "But... I want to sleep with mom! " Her clear eyes were clearly full of refusal.

The next second, Brody asked in a stern voice, "Did you sleep with

The gun was still pointing at her temple. Seeing this, Brody was not anxious and didn't know what to do. At this time, Tracy's face became colder and colder!

"Put down your gun. Don't make fun of me!" Brody said nervously, his heart pounding in his chest.

Tracy pointed her gun at her temple and refused. She stared at Brody with hatred in her eyes. Her face was pale. She opened her mouth slowly and said word by word, "Brody, I'm not you.!

"No..." Brody looked at her in panic. He was about to step forward.

"Stay away from me -"Shouted Tracy harshly.

Brody said anxiously, "Tracy, put down your gun!"

He said to her at a loss. Tracy turned to look at him calmly and shook her head.

Tracy said sadly, "Brody, I hate you!"

After saying that, she closed her eyes resolutely and pulled the trigger directly.

"Bang -"After the gun shot, blood splashed everywhere.

"No --"Shouted Brody. He sat up abruptly, sweating.

Behind Brody, a pair of calm eyes had been staring at him. After a long pause, he finally came to his senses and turned his head. When he saw Tracy who was looking at him with her eyes open, he breathed a long sigh of relief. He leaned sideways, supported his body, looked at her and whispered, "Why do you wake up?"

Tracy's eyes were still calm, but Brody's heart was getting more and more nervous. "What's wrong? Say something! "

She was with him now. He couldn't remember how many times he had such nightmares.

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